The school holidays (magically) started today,

…so NO YOGA IN SCHOOL HOLIDAYS.    There will be no yoga until the middle of April (no teacher training this month).  We will keep you updated regarding the progress of the virus, and how it is affecting us.

I have the absolute latest regime from China (passed to me by a medico working in Europe) on keeping the virus contained, and to protect ourselves.  Of course the Chinese are the best equipped to tell us.  They have been working on it for at least a month longer than us, and because of the scale, they have been able to do autopsies on workers who have died of the virus.  Here is what they recommend… I am doing it.


Because China has been doing autopsies they now know some basic things we should be doing to protect ourselves.  The virus is a respiratory one. It attaches to the mucus in the lungs hardens it, and thereby makes breathing impossible.

What to do?

  1. Drink HOT LIQUIDS (coffee/tea/soup etc) not cold and warm water EVERY 20 MINUTES.
  2. Gargle with antiseptic or salt (in warm water) every day. I add a couple of drops of my Olive leaf Extract.
  3. The virus is transmitted on hair and clothes. After you have been outside bath/shower/ change your clothes and/or hang them in direct sunlight. Because we don’t have much sunlight, I tumble dry my clothes on hot for about 10-15 minutes.  Pretend you are on a strange planet and have to protect against alien organisms (which we are!).
  4. The virus is viable on metal surfaces for up to 9 days. Vigilantly sanitise metal surfaces, handles, door knobs etc. Don’t forget your glasses, your car doors steering wheel, clutch… and so on.
  6. Wash hands in warm or hot suds every 20 minutes. I also use hand santiser on my hands,  which I then smooch on my hair.
  7. Eat fruit and vegetables. and increase your zinc level not just Vitamin C.
  8. Animals are OK. This is human to human not animal transmission.
  9. Avoid catching the flu (I think if you do all these things it will help).  Don’t get cold.
  10. Avoid eating or drinking cold things.
  11. If you feel any discomfort, and difference in your breathing or wellness, start this regime NOW. Don’t leave it until later or until you have more time!

Keep well, stay strong, do yoga often.   NAMASTE – JAHNE