Dear Yogis,

Just in case you thought it was all business here, take note of “Dolly” (or “Kate” as she has on her TyTag) she is absolutely gorgeous and larger than usual at 9inches – a sequinned dragon I just could not resist.  She is a Ty doll with all her tags, and there are the spelling errors on the tag which some people think is significant, but no mention of Germany which would put her into a very special category if there was.  Nevertheless she is worth about $85+ at the moment, which will only increase, $300+ if there was a mention of the German distributor on her name tag.    As they say on the Antique Road Show “she is going no-where, I love her”, but I am realistic enough to know that for the right price most things are for sale (to the right buyer).  For starters you would i think have to like stuffed toys as much as I do.

I have had a few good buys lately – the topper for last month was a bottle of Bulgari perfume which I bought to use.  It was $20 at the op shop which is a lot at the op shop.  Something told me it was “different”, sadly it was not in a box, but on checking I discovered it was a Limited Edition and therefore was worth $465 even at the cheapest outlet.  This really is just for me.  It goes with my chemistry, smell gorgeous, and I am using it.  You have to be careful with perfume – if it doesn’t smell like the perfume you remember, and it doesn’t last, even if the bottle looks perfect, it probably is a fake – there are lots out there usually smelling overwhelmingly of vanilla.


ART.  I have nearly finished the portrait for the “portrait competition” at the Mt.Macedon Gallery.  

I didn’t want it to be ordinary as I may want to use it in the future.  I painted it on tea bags and made reference to the darning by painting stitches over the patches in the background, which is made up of a print of my angel painting also cut into patches (a prototype-type of an homage to Iris Apfel)

I am tempted to go the Andrew Wyeth way.  He used to throw a bucket of whitewash over his portraits as he finished them, turn his back and walk away – not reviewing the work until it was dry..  It sounds terrific and gave a lovely lacey feel to the finished painting, but he worked in oil, and I work in watercolour.  It would be awful if I chucked a bucket of whitewash over the painting and lost it!  It sounds simple but there are many things to consider. I am working my way around them.  Courage, courage.



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Windarring Yoga –  Tues. 1pm a joint class –  Kyneton and Gisborne combined.  Surprising changes coming up.

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