Dear Yogis, 

Christmas is coming and I get asked for all kinds of things – thank you.  Tarot Readings (I especially like doing these at this time of the year), paintings, sewing… thank you all so much.  Everything helps me keep on with yoga and working with my students.

ARTIST DENIM CARRY BAG.….I am making a recycled denim carry bags to accomodate a medium size canvas (if you want bigger I can make to order) – mostly because I needed some (more than one).   This 25inch x 25 inch bag(or larger by personal order) is a must have for any artist like me who takes work to galleries, clients and shows, it makes transporting  art a breeze. This sturdy bag made of recycled denim, will carry a stretched canvas with ease. Very wide 2.5 inch  straps keep the bag in place on your shoulder and thick study denim fabric serves to protect paintings during transport.  Cost $62.50 including postage.  The one in the photo is black, but my bags are usually denim fabric colour – like jeans. Sometimes I can get black, not often.

This carry bag is an absolute necessity for any artist, particularly those who regularly participate in art shows. It will make a fantastic gift for any artist on your list! I started making these bags for myself because I am frequently setting up at my art shows by myself. I am able to carry six canvases at a time, three on each shoulder, making set up, tear down and storage very efficient.  When others want to help, this bag is very easy, visible, and minimises theft and damage.

My denim bag is so much easier to store than traditional hard sided portfolio bags, I have these and they just take up space – and at my place space it at a premium.  These denim bags  just fold or roll up and can be tucked away until needed. Both stylish, practical and long lasting…  the denim will live for a very long time,

This sturdy bag can also be used to store art pieces, and help to reduce our reliance on plastic packaging – every little bit helps the environment! and it helps to re-use discarded denim.  To order yours contact  (You will know my bags, they all have a little silk golden angel logo sewn into them).


YOGA CLASSES AND STUDIO TIMES…..  Last yoga class for the year.  Monday 18th December.  

ZOOM GITA Monday evening at 6.30pm.    Although there is no charge, if you can, I would appreciate a small donation (or a big one!).  To donate go to the web site and click on PAY VIA PAY PAL

Windarring Yoga –  Tues. x 2 +Thurs. x 1. (some Fridays?).  Last class 22nd December, first class for ’24 is the 9th January

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) Mon. 2.15, Wednesday Restorative 1pm

THE YOGA LUNCHEON: Will update as soon as we have a date for the next one.

SEE YOU IN THE STUDIO and in the gallery.