Dear Yogis,

Sorry you weren’t at class last nite.  We are moving forward with THE CHAKRAS.  There is so much to know of course,  but we are trying to stick close by the practical aspects of identifying, working with them, knowing when the energies are up or down, active or underactive. How to know that in yourself and others.  Kinesiology, pendulums, etc… It is a fascinating study.  Although the class is listed as starting at 7.30 and finishing at 9pm, not everyone has run out of questions and the class often lasts quite a bit longer.

The Stage 3 is going to be changing soon as we imagine we can move back into “normal” or “new normal”, and studios will gradually open up.  I am not sure how I will manage this.  There is only one of me, and I can’t do studio classes and zoom.  Plus many of my students now are interstate or under isolation in stage 4.  Then there are those people who have never physically been able to come to my studio because of distance and now can zoom.  It has been a wonderful time, and I don’t know what will happen next.  We will play it by ear.

INNER PEACE GROUPS.  Please think about this and start your own groups.  We will think abut how to do this in our Wednesday classes.  I want you to save the world.  I can’t do it on my own.  What are your priorities?

When I was in my late forties I gave this a great deal of thought.  I worked out that if I lived into my 70’s (where I am now) and given that I didn’t take action right away, I only had about 1,000 Fridays (the day I dedicated to my children) left.  If you are thinking of these things too, get 1,000 dried chick peas and put them in a jar.  Every week, take out one seed.  In this way you will actually be able to see the number of days or weeks dwindling.  Life in this way seems a whole lot immediate and precious.  Every one of those chick peas is a day or a week of your life, and the number is finite.  You can’t add even one to the jar.  Every day, every “chick pea” is precious.  What have you done with yesterday – all of your yesterday.  What are you going to do with today?  If you thought you “can’t do……..” and take a chick pea out of the jar when YOU don’t show up, you can’t put that chick pea back. You can’t re-run the day. Life is not a movie set, there are no re-runs, no dailies that you can change.  You can only change NOW.

As yogis we say we are saving the world “one person at a time”.  Starting an Inner Peace group can help in this especially at this time. In “normal” Inner Peace is in short supply, and I imagine the situation is worse right now.  How can you start an INNER PEACE group? How can you change your community “one person at a time”.  You can start by coming to our MINDFULNESS  session tonite at 6.45.  There is nothing I teach you that you can’t teach others.   Start today.


If you want to join you can always email me ( and let me know your interest and we can organise it.  Or go to the web site and follow the directions under the drop-downs or the HOME Page.

By the way.  The photo to the right above are ORBS –  the angels around us all the time.  Others took photographs at the time I took this.  Mine werethe ONLY photos where they showed up.  There were camera buffs present who didn’t believe what they could see, who  checked the lens at the time.. no dust, no interference.  These orbs were around us, are around us,  we just are not always conscious of them.  Sometimes they make themselves known to me, but I am always aware that they are there even if I (WE) can’t see them.