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Don’t forget – book NOW, TODAY  for our TEDDY BEAR workshop on Saturday .  Details at the bottom of this post.   If you haven’t understood what a “Teddy Bear Workshop” is – we will make teddy bears, SIMPLE.  You will be at my home and studio – you can learn  to make easy teddies,  see my herbs, my other art works in progress.. and have afternoon tea.  What is not to like?


The mental wellbeing of average Australians is lower now than during lockdown, according to new data.

We teachers (not just yoga teachers) are feeling the brunt of the covid problem, and the past few years have been eventful to say the least. After COVID arrived here in early 2020, many Australians spent the next two years going in and out of restrictive lockdowns.Separated from family, friends and colleagues, wellbeing nosedived.While the harsh lockdowns have ended, it appears the mental health of Australians hasn’t recovered and has, in fact, worsened.The 2022-23 Australian Mental Wellbeing Index, compiled by mental health treatment and research group Smiling Mind in conjunction with KPMG, gave an overall wellbeing score for the nation of 48.6 – out of 100.

The result is almost one full point lower than at the same time last year.

The study examined 226,013 participants who completed over 880,000 individual surveys on their mental health and wellbeing.The data revealed some concerning trends. More than 40 per cent said they had difficulty with focus and concentration; 41 per cent said they regularly experienced stress and 34 per cent were struggling with a lack of sleep.

You only need to look around to see why this may be the case.Lockdown may be over, but the effects of COVID are still well and truly being felt. Adding to that burden is out-of-control inflation, soaring living costs, an energy crisis, yet another foreign war and successive interest rate rises.The stress being faced by many Australians is likely the worst they’ve ever experienced, or at least the worst for decades.Andrew Dempster, KPMG mental health advisory lead, told the Herald Sun  it’s feeling like you have no input into the outcomes in your life that leads to the greatest distress.

There is no randomness in life, we all have a purpose.
The chi cycle functions as a bridge from the physical to the non-physical world.

We all think that we know ourselves, but there’s so much more to us than we can imagine. Following purpose with passion unleashes our true potential. But you can’t do this mentally, your purpose is not in your mind.

So to find your purpose, don’t start with purpose, start with aligning – you can’t start anywhere else.  
I see clients all the time confused about what they should be doing. Or thinking they are on the wrong track because things are difficult – especially during this time of covid.  Some who have nothing else fun their lives have made covid their hobby and purpose. They want easy, but there isn’t easy unless you are aligned, and even then there may be difficult days.  Following purpose usually means leaving the comfort zone, but then finding happiness in the discomfort zone.  

Feeling purposeless is a health risk. Getting trapped in the ‘complacent but unhappy’ trap creates inner emptiness, disconnection, stagnation and fear of death. We take up pastimes, and time goes past.       But living for purpose is a health booster and a healing tool. It can explode us out of demotivation, helplessness, emptiness, meaninglessness and more. We all have a purpose here, we all have gifts, we all have an expression of our “selfness”.  Some people find it quickly, for others it is hidden. Luckily there is a system to find purpose.

Our organs, meridians and the natural forces are the support network for this.   The chi cycle is the framework, keeping us on track to go through those mystical gateways each two hours. The daily purpose peak time is 11am-1pm. Chi floods your heart, the home of the mind and seat of the soul, precious information is within reach (great time to journal). But to benefit from that requires getting the 24 hours preceding 11am, sorted as well. It’s a mystical cycle, everything is connected, and it rolls on infinitely. You can jump in any time and catch the purpose flow. 

A portal to a different future!
With all the changes happening in our lives now, I reckon an opportunity gap has opened up, a portal to a different future shaped by purpose not security. This could be the chance we’ve been waiting for. Make it the portal to purpose!

To read more about the chi cycle, read books by  JOST SAUER, Australia martial artist, acupuncturist, and philosopher, who has written some great books on this subject.  Google him, choose any and start there.  His books are readable, doable and priced reasonably – you might even be able to get a second hand edition of your chosen book on a site like ABE BOOKS.  You can even go visit him – in Queensland.


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