Dear Yogis,

Another holiday on the horizon.  Labour day weekend.  A notion that was revolutionary not so long back in time, and we still celebrate ‘EIGHT HOURS WORK, EIGHT HOURS PLAY, EIGHT HOURS SLEEP FOR EIGHT BOB(SHILLINGS) A DAY”.  I wonder how many people still have eight hours play and eight hours sleep per day, and how many only work eight hours.  Not me, but I am working on it!.

Instead of celebrating with a holiday, maybe we could celebrate by changing the way we live to give ourselves a greater balance between work, play, sleep and how much money we actually need to live the lives we think we should have.

ZOOM:  After a year or so of compulsory covid pause,   I am allergic to days off unless absolutely necessary – so classes as usual this Labour Day Weekend..

Friday 6.45 – our FREE pendulum/tarot class.  Beginners to advanced, or mildly curious welcome
Saturday 2pm – TAROT/ART CLASS.  Bring whatever project you would like to go on with, even making a pendulum or cards as we did before could be a NEW project.
Sunday 10am – our FABULOUS GITA STUDY.  If you are a teacher, you should be with us.
Monday 1pm – yoga studio class 1pm (full)   6.30 THE BREATH, FREE  on Zoom.  (We did breath last week.  This week “EAT” whilst still considering the breath). Next week MOVE and the week after LIVE.

FOR BREATH, and everything BREATH (and everything starts with BREATH)


To understand how things work, I have been thinking about and researching “cause and effect” – KARMA.  Is it just applicable to what we humans do, or does it apply to everything?  Well, it turns out that mathematicians and physicists (and animators like my son), spend their lives working with Karma,  with the laws of cause and effect which govern everything that happens in the universe, from the growth of nautilus shells, to the populations of cities, to animation.  A Code for everything which can be worked out mathematically… but what causes things to fall in these magic ratios that occur all around us (“Pi” is just one of them)?  I am sure that these codes respond to the energy of what each of us do, or we,  by our energy for positive or negative action are moved by one of the principles.  Even Murder which seems random is governed by many things which can now with some accuracy be predicted mathematically, as can numbers of beans in a jar and so on right through the universe and every thing in it.  We think we have free will? My head is still spinning as I contemplate the vastness of something we simply call KARMA. Everything we do matters, and effects everything else.  We are so predictable because of all living things, we are the most selfish..

I am reminded of the CHAKRAS.  In our yoga texts it is said we are created in the navel chakra “like snowflakes on a twig”, which was all very romantic until I understood that even in the world of snowflakes there is a code that determines growth, behaviour, destruction, life, even death.  It is not random it is not chaotic.  Not every snowflake is the same, perfection even on the scale of emerging snowflakes can only happen at best one in a million times and even on this molecular scale ENVIRONMENT DETERMINES SHAPE.  

How has your environment determined your “shape”, and how can you work with nature to achieve the best shape you can be – what forces are at work in your life? Is it shame, scarcity, or is it JOY.   It is at this level and with these thoughts that you begin to understand the profound nature of the ancient writers of the yoga texts.

To go from the sublime, to the mildly questionable (no, not ridiculous).  In sessions with  my pendulum, I have been introduced to my Guides (and am able to know them through their history as well as being a guide on the other side), I say hello to my past-self, and more recently Princess Di.   I promised a blog, and will get to this….if you are a pendulum user, for tips, for reports on my voyage join us on Fridays for our FREE pendulum/tarot study group, and/or  go to

 As “interesting” as that is, I am most pleased with the way that working with my pendulum has caused a change in the way I eat.  The “What-When” question.  This, added to the mini-bike under my desk has caused me to lose quite a lot of weight  (the covid mini-bulge) without really having to  think about it, and even more INCHES – they drop off first I have found.  Now I could do with a “skin shrink” just to tighten everything up!  It will happen. Patience.  My mother used to say “Patience is a virtue , find it where you can.  It is always in a woman and seldom in a man”.  

In all of this, no matter where you are in life even if you were a Princess…God won’t show you what is next if you are not grateful and working with what you have right now.  Breakthroughs start with a question, not an answer.  Belong to yourself FIRST – you can’t be loved if you can’t be seen.