Dear Yogis,

FRIDAY: 11am YOGA CAFE ZOOM  5.30 RESTORATIVE with weights and bands

What a strange morning… there is so much confusion in the atmosphere.  Not relief, not gratitude but confusion and anxiety are ruling the airwaves.  Remember, we are all connected.  More news coming out of England, Europe, South America and so on, then we have the American Elections which are decided in November but are happening right now – People are voting…  We shouldn’t be surprised that we are all feeling slightly off centre, off course.  Good job we have yoga and meditation to keep us centred.

ART CLASS – THE TAO OF WATERCOLOUR (ZOOM). ($50 for a series of three classes).

TURNING YOUR DOODLES INTO ART.  I have been painting.  Doing small pieces that I can teach to you.  We even have interest in our classes from the USA.  I haven’t decided on a class time – I am waiting to see how the class pans out, but if the American interest grows it will be a morning class.  It has to be because of time zones.  We can always have a second class. I would love to hear from you.  Please email your interest at

The painting above is two of a series of four to an A4 page,  each painting card size.  When you come to class you will learn to handle the brush, the water and the paint.  The actual painting will take no time at all.  It is about how to make the most of your doodles.  Once you have got a little confidence and can chase the paint around the page, you will be able to make your own cards for any occasion, or expand your skills to larger and larger works. They don’t take any time at all – just relaxation and entering.  It is like magic.

My own skills are based on Chinese Brush Painting training.  I learned for years with some wonderful teachers… (Andre Sollier was just one) and I did some huge works.  Then the yoga became the central part of my life and I didn’t have the time for painting that I like to have.    It’s always about balance and choices.  I never stopped my art, but the works became smaller and different.  I am liking the “accidental” feeling that Chinese work gives me.  Chasing the paint, rather than forcing.  Breathing rather than concentrating and constraining.  Meditation with paint.  No expensive kit is required.  We can use almost anything.

An example?  The artist Sam Byrne from BrokenHill, was never formally trained in art,  used Dulux and cockatoo feathers as his equipment mainly because that was all he had and didn’t know he needed to buy brushes etc.  Today his paintings are in museums.  He wasn’t a yogi,  but he was yogic.  He painted to record scenes for others because he wasn’t much good at writing.  It was his service. He only had one idea – he painted as a gift to his children and community.

For those who think that you should concentrate on one thing – Sam Byrne worked as a miner, Andre Sollier was an artist,  a poet, a martial artist, and a Zen Archer.   We also have the example of Patanjali – Yogi, doctor/surgeon, philosopher, dancer, poet…etc.

Don’t be intimidated….just be one thing at a time.  Put all your effort towards what is in front of you.  “Do what you can with what you have, where you are” (the Buddha).  It is all about balance and following your dreams.  “Just one dream” for me would be a nightmare, and might be for you.  Thanks to Covid, you have been given time and space to explore new directions.  Embrace the gift and go places you have always wondered about.   “if only….”.  If Only is TODAY.  Do it.

Remember.  Whether we are painting, doing yoga, or parenting,  we are not looking for perfection.  As with anything, small steps will get you to where you are going.  If you take honest, small steps in the direction of your dreams, I am sure you will get to places more extraordinary than you can imagine.  There is a Divine hand guiding you, working unseen.  If you take a step towards the Divine (painting, yoga, meditation, loving, serving),  that energy will be pulled towards you.  New worlds and new possibilities will open up and synchronicities will appear that will surprise and delight.