Dear Yogis,  

We have sneaked past “the worst day in Victoria’s history” firewise.  The weather is cool and lovely, perfect for gardening and drawing, hence the drawing to the left which is the back of my new Lenormand tarot deck.  I am calling it RED REVELATION as it will be printed in red.  I will have a launch here at the studio when it is ready.  There are 36 cards and an instruction book, but it is Lenormand, so you won’t always have to refer to the instructions.  It is all about what you see, rather than having to call on Guides and Gods.

In the garden I am swamped with plums.  If you are local and would like to pick some, come see me.  Please let me know you will be coming!  Text me on 0402088170. I have made gorgeous Chinese Plum Sauce and jam, and a second lot is bubbling away – I also have honey.

RE THE FOOD WE EAT.  As you know my son is in Canada, and I get a few emails from there – recently about the cost of living.. I thought you may be interested..”The Finance Minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, yesterday recommended that struggling Canadians eat “Cereal for Dinner”.  She’s one of many corporate voices that are telling struggling people, Worldwide, to change their dietary preferences in order to pay for home heating, rent, rising mortgage rates, and taxes. Maybe you’ve seen the “Cereal for Dinner” campaigns by Big Food companies who are seeing their profits rise, while, we, peasants are struggling to make ends meet.

Those families that are dependent on the matrix, will get more unhealthy advice from corporations and governments over the coming months.  Cereal is not a health food.  Boxed cereal, has cold and damp energetics (herbalist words) that slow down metabolism, reduce digestive fire, increase indigestion, inflammation, and reduce immune function.  Boxed cereals are also high in carbohydrates and promote insulin resistance.

Thankfully, families that have already left the matrix and embraced the self sufficient life style, haven’t bought a box of cereal in years.  A box of Kellog’s cornflakes, costs more by weight, than a pound of ground beef (US prices).  In Canada they are about the same pound for pound.  But the ground beef is warming, energetically speaking and will boost metabolic rate, immunity, and circulation — very important in winter”  …….OR YOU COULD GROW VEGETABLES AND FORAGE LIKE ME, AND MANY OF US AT THIS TIME.  (Jahne)



TAROT AND GITA READINGS (Using the Guide Drawings)  – BY APPOINTMENT. Email me:

ZOOM GITA :  Monday  evenings at 6.30pm

Windarring Yoga –  Tues. 1pm a joint class –  Kyneton and Gisborne combined.  Surprising changes coming up.

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) Mon. 2.15, Wednesday Restorative 1pm

NEXT STUDIO TEACHER TRAINING Sunday 24th March at 2.30

THE YOGA LUNCHEON: Saturday 30th March,  at The Full Moon Saloon. Woodend at 12noon. You are all welcome.


and in the gallery – I will be at The Mt.Macedon Gallery on Sunday from 10am to 1pm.  Come see me.