Dear Yogis –

I am inspired by an artist (now deceased and helping from the other side) called Emma Kuntz.  She lived in Switzerland, and was unusual in so far as she used her pendulum to plot rather elaborate healing mandalas for her clients.  Just doing one took sometimes 45  hours, and she did many.  When completed, these inspirational artworks were placed between herself and her client in her healing place, and the power of the invoked energies was used for healing.  She is greatly esteemed as a healer still, and is gaining a reputation posthumously as an artist.  As usual she was not valued in her lifetime, but her work has since been welcomed into galleries around the world.  Apart from the therapeutic aspect of her work, her mandalas are very intricate and show great skill.

The drawing to the left (unfinished when I photographed it) is one I made using her method.  The energy I asked for through my guide was of abundance.  Since I began it I have noticed a difference of energies in the house, and I certainly have more energy (if you don’t have energy you can’t have abundance!) and I am bouncing off the walls.  I am beginning a new “Emma Drawing” today, and am looking forward to where this will take me.

Every stroke, every colour, every line is determined by my guide (Emma and others including Nadoyan) – I just have to know enough to ask the right questions, and do as I am told of course. I start with a question, and then use my drawing implements and pencils to get to the guide’s desired end.   I think I will do a set to link with the chakras for healing and rebalancing so that you too can experience this wonderful energy generated by the guide’s designs. If you are pulled to these designs, and would like to experience them as they evolve, please let me know.  


INVITATION TO THE BEGINNING OF LENT…  THINK “BABETTES FEAST”.  In the absence of a regular Priest, the Executive and Congregation of St.Mary’s Anglican Church in Woodend has been exploring worship options, and this one below is centred around a meal.    
A music/ fellowship afternoon on Sunday Feb 18th will be held in St.Marys Anglican Church Hall (The Norma Richardson Hall) in Woodend.  It will be followed by a shared meal incorporating a Communion Liturgy. Please come, please spread the word. It will be a relaxed afternoon of singing and fellowship as they revise some of the songs which have not been played / sung for a while.
Who:   Everyone is welcome to attend for all or part of the program below.
Food:   Please bring something to share for dinner. Tea and coffee provided but please BYO wine or other drinks.
The music:  They will  focus on revising some of some songs learnt and some less familiar TIS songs and also a couple from Songs of Grace….
If you are a Musician or singer, I can send a link to dropbox with the words and music of items that are not in TIS.
Liturgy: During the meal  a eucharist based on a liturgy of the Iona community, reflecting the practices of the first century church,  will be introduced.
Program:  2.30pm People gather, musicians set up. Tea/ coffee   3.00 pm – 5.00pm Singing time   5.30 pm Set out the meal   6.00 pm Communion with shared fellowship meal as above.


TAROT AND GITA READINGS (Using the Guide Drawings)  – BY APPOINTMENT. Email me:

ZOOM GITA :  Monday  evenings at 6.30pm

Windarring Yoga –  Tues. 1pm a joint class –  Kyneton and Gisborne combined.  Surprising changes coming up.

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) Mon. 2.15, Wednesday Restorative 1pm

NEXT STUDIO TEACHER TRAINING Sunday 25th February at 2.30

LITTLE STUDIO/GALLERY:  A RE-RUN FOR THOSE WHO MISSED LAST WEEK.   Friday the 16th February at 5.30 – all my students (and friends) welcome.  I will have my newest series showing there in the original with prints and cards.  Especially a series on waxed tea bags of the Dalai Lama. The large paintings of Collette, Krishna and the Krishna starburst are finished and available at this time also.  I am working on Angels – and of course you can experience the beginnings of the guided drawings..

THE YOGA LUNCHEON: Saturday 24th February,  at The Full Moon Saloon. Woodend at 12noon. You are all welcome.

SEE YOU IN THE STUDIO and in the gallery.