Dear Yogis,

SUNDAY: 10am YOGA TEACHER TRAINING, The Bhagavadgita. (All welcome – you don’t have to be a trainee teacher).

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I was reminded today (reluctantly) that christmas isn’t that far away.  I don’t know what difference Covid will make.  We think we are good and getting better, but I am sure that Europe thought that too.  I do know that as usual the post will be difficult, so I urge you to think about it now.  Start buying your presents now and putting them away.   I am hoping that you will consider the Tarot Cards, Tea Leaf Cards and Pendulum boards large and small, and pendulums (Not many left, I will have to get making, but if you let me know what you like I can make one especially for you).  I do “three question tarot readings” also, which can be given as gifts…

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I can’t work when my desk is too cluttered.  I have in-files and out-files but sometimes the papers don’t go in or out and I am left with a pile on my desk.  When that happens my work grinds to a snails pace, and no matter how urgent other things are I have to stop and de-clutter.  When you are working under the weight of clutter – clothing, toiletries, kitchen implements, desk clutter – whatever it is I have found that most people will be less creative.  I believe that the state of your desk and you wardrobe is a clear reflection of your unconscious.  The space outside you is a reflection of your inner space.  If you want some inner peace, first take care of the outer peace.  Get some plastic bags out, and now that the Salvos are open again, fill the bags up with things you no longer use or wear, and give them to people who will.

Before you start make a list of the tasks you are going to tackle and work through the list, in this way you won’t end up getting caught in the past.. sitting on the carpet surrounded by an impossible pile of paper and things.

As you are moving and sorting (once called “spring cleaning”) think about the fact that you are moving stagnant, old energy out of your life.  The everyday (no matter how you remove yourself from the media) can be cluttered with suffering, and negativity.  There are two types of suffering, mandatory and optional.  If you want a model of the latter Woody Allen is the go-to example of this.  He is (or was) an “Awfuliser”.  Someone who has a headache and calls an ambulance because he has “awfulised” it into a brain tumour.

Getting control of your thinking may not be easy, but if you want lasting peace it is a useful practice. As Pogo once said… “We have met the enemy and He is us”.  It takes consistent effort such as we learn in yoga and meditation to overcome that internal enemy, but it is possible day to day.  It takes no more time to use your thoughts well than it does to let them drive you crazy.

This sunny weekend, take the opportunity to do some spring cleaning, on the outside,  and on the inside.  This might seem very simple, but it is not easy, and yes, it will take time.  If it were easy we would all be yogis.  





Dear Yogis,

Don’t forget, this morning is our Yoga Cafe.  A time of fellowship, not teaching (specifically) although we always learn something.  I started asking the people at the zoom get-together to bring something to show, something they made or would like to share.  You don’t have to do this, you can just bring a glass of champers, and or a croissant.  By the way – as a pastry aficionado, I have found that Coles sells “ready to bake” raw French croissant in their pastry section.  They are splendid.  I am going to show them at the show and tell. Not exactly yogic, but gorgeous. Yesterday I spoke about priorities.  When I have a croissant, a good one is important.

As I have been saying – When you have a croissant, have a lovely one.  When you do anything enjoy it.
 We run around all the time, doing more in less time, forgetting the moment.  We are even told to soap our hair in the shower just once to be more efficient..  I did try it when I had shorter hair, and it did save me three minutes, but was it worth it?  When I was tiny my dad washed my hair.  He soaped it twice, and rinsed until it was squeaky clean.  When I wash my hair I listen for that squeak.  In spite of these lovely memories I tried the “time-saving” idea and soaped once.  It was faster but I just didn’t feel the same.  I hadn’t washed my hair “right”, plus I was cross with myself for buying in to the “finish as fast as you can” mentality.

I like being in the shower, hair washing or no.  I don’t rush, I dawdle.  It is not an automatic car wash. I wash mindfully, slowly. I relax and prepare for the day.  It is not a waste of time.  When I step out of the shower I am ready for the day – I am not pumped, I am just READY.  I use the shower as a mindfulness moment. A meditation.  Every out-breath allows me to let go of yesterday. I imagine being in a waterfall of light and prana washing any negativity clear away.  When my mind wanders I come back to this simple meditation.  Doing it this way I have more energy and can move into the day with calmness.  I am a recovering perfectionist.  Perfectionism narrows the mind and pulls you out of the present into the past or the future..

How about taking a yoga attitude into the day, applying it to everything.  EVERYDAY YOGA. Patanjali said that in our yoga practice there should be “no gaps”.  He didn’t mean we should practice vinyasa, he meant that everything we do every day should be done in a yoga way.  Life is not what happens after you have had your three minute shower, raced through breakfast, scrambled to load the dishwasher, wrangled the kids into the car and to school and so on.

Just for the next few days (just as an experiment) ditch the tyranny of time and make some different choices. Take time to have a shower, savour breakfast, really hug the children, go through your chores MINDFULLY.  Covid has taken lots away from us – but it has given us TIME.  Relax and enjoy even the small things and you will come home to yourself.  Life practised this way will leave you time for a gentle 3 minute meditation, and a body opening, glorious, unhurried,  Five Tibetan routine (7 minutes).  Ten “yoga minutes” out of 24 hours is do-able.  You might even have time to do a 10 minute read before the children hit the kitchen.  People tell me they haven’t got time for yoga because they have children.  It is an illusion, an excuse.  We all have the time, we just have to use it better.

Remember the yamas.  They also apply to Time. No killing, Stealing, Lying, respecting all things, or taking more than you need… all apply to time as much as anything else in your life.

Walk gracefully through the day, it is your gift to your children (and yourself).


FRIDAY: 11am YOGA CAFE,   5.30pm RESTORATIVE YOGA with eights and bands
SUNDAY: 10am Teacher Training THE BHAGAVADGITA (you don’t have to be a teacher to come… interested? Join in)







Dear Yogis,

We had the first of our Mindfulness classes last night.  What a great experience!  (next time remember to bring blankets for the nidra).  I certainly am going to do more.  I am now thinking about how to manage studio classes when they return, together with zoom which I can’t drop because so many of you are coming who could not come to studio classes.

We will manage and organise ourselves.. in the old days before there was a yoga school on every corner (before my graduates started teaching and building their own schools), I taught up to 5 hatha yoga classes per day almost every day – 6 days a week, workshops on weekends, retreats.  Everything.  This will be the same, but not as gruelling as meditation and restorative will be sprinkled here and there, and zoom has become a little less nerve-racking for me..

Regarding zoom.  There are always issues with computers.  Yesterday it took me three goes to get onto zoom. Luckily I was on time.  Every time I use it I learn a little more.  If you get on and I can’t hear you, and I am making hearing signs, it usually means there is an audio problem at your end.  You can log out and log in again.  If that doesn’t work, we can do a silent class – You can hear me, but I can’t hear you.  It has worked before.  My techie says I live in a difficult area and the internet is not the best – but we manage.

“POWER-WHINING”:  Some people I meet are always complaining (or dare I say it, simply rude).  Here’s a tip.  “Power-Whine” with a friend.   Psychiatrists call it “Regressive Coping”.  You each get two minutes to complain to the max. No interruptions.  In this way you will get everything off your chest, you haven’t hurt anyone, and you don’t have to take yourself too seriously.  I think nowadays we call it venting.

Lacking a friend you want to show this side of yourself to, you could always do it standing in front of a mirror with your hands on your hips.  Aggressive.  After two minutes with a friend or just by yourself in front of the mirror, it looks pretty silly and unproductive, and guarantees a belly laugh or two when you can see how stupid you are being – as if whining changes anything? You could follow it with two minutes of gratitude, list everything you are grateful for.  This will leave you in a much better frame of mind.

Whatever else you do, gratitude is absolutely the best strategy to cultivate INNER PEACE.  When you learn to manage your mind, take care of yourself, are kind to others, and take a MINDFUL approach to life.  Like everything else, getting it right takes practice.  Imagine gratitude as the gearshift on your car.  You are in charge of course.

Only you can move your gears from obsession to peace, from hard and rigid to the softness of love.  Relaxing comes a whole lot easier when you are living in a bubble of gratitude.  As the Buddha Says:  “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.  I add,  “and be grateful”.

FRIDAY ZOOM:  11.30 Yoga Cafe  – it’s nice to bring something for show and tell, or just bring a glass of champers…it is not a crafting session. You don’t need to bring anything except you.  5.30 RESTORATIVE YOGA.  Weights and Bands optional.


SUNDAY ZOOM: 10am the Repeat of last weeks BHAGAVADGITA. You don’t need to be a yoga teacher, or trainee yoga teacher to attend.  Interested?  Perfect.

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