Dear Yogis’

Friday: 6.45 a free pendulum/tarot study group.
Saturday: 2pm Tarot/Art Group
Sunday: 10am our ever popular GITA STUDY GROUP.




You all know that I have been doing past life sessions for many years, and you also know I was taught by a Master, the Late Dolores Cannon.  In the past 30 or so years, I have taken many, many people way back into their pasts lives or their future lives where we have uncovered their limiting beliefs and experiences.

Now, I am offering you all the possibility of going back into moments in this life that limit you right now, today.  Beliefs you have taken on in this life, limits that are not yours but have been imposed by others.  Parents, grand-parents, friends, situations.

In the relatively short time we will spend together, I know POWERFUL HEALINGS will occur.  Blockages will be removed – I know this because it happened to me when Dolores did similar sessions with me..  You may accept for the first time that what you have been led to believe about yourself IS NOT YOU, and is not true!  It was a name tag that was attached to you somewhere in your childhood which we can (once and for all) remove and replace.  Whatever you believe about you that is holding you back IS NOT YOU.

 “YOU ARE ENOUGH”. Normally to do a past-life session with me takes more than 2 hours, and of course, as a one-on-one, a 2 hour session costs about $350.

I am offering this group 1 hour zoom session with me for $55.
As you will discover – it is transformational.


If you want to join me, go to the home page of this web site…. and click on PAY VIA PAYPAL.  You don’t need an account, paypal accepts debit and credit cards.  When I see your payment of $55,  I will log you into the session and will send an ID the day before.  If you have any questions you can email me at

This is going to be an adventure.  I have done lots of classes, tarot sessions, and pendulum sessions since Covid began (I was the girl who said she never would go near zoom), but this will be a first for me, although most of my tarot/pendulum sessions are about removing blockages to your success.  I hope to see you there.



Dear Yogis,

Monday: 1pm STUDIO Yoga Class (full), 6.30pm FREE BREATH CLASS.
Tuesday: 7.30pm RUMI CLASS  All welcome – this is for everyone who is interested in the most beautiful, spiritual love poetry ever written. Loved and quoted around the world by millions of devoted readers..

If you need to catch up with your payment (PLEASE) for any class, zoom or studio, or haven’t been before, please go to –  the home page and click on PAY VIA PAY PAL, which takes both debit and credit cards – you don’t need an account.

Tonite is the first nite of the BREATH CLASS.  It may not be what you think.  Yes,  we will learn how to breathe, but we will also learn how to use this breath to enhance our lives, our creativity and our thinking. The breath isn’t just “something” – it is the beginning of EVERYTHING! 

FREE BREATH CLASS: Mondays at 6.30pm
Because it is new and challenge for some who think that a. they know how to breathe (most don’t), and 2. yoga is all they need (part smart) I am offering this class FREE FOR A MONTH  – which in the case of March is FIVE Mondays (from the 1st to the 29th).  I will send out an ID to everyone who possibly will enjoy it, and hope that you respond.




Tony Robbins coined the phrase: “If you stay in your head you’re dead”.  It is something I think about – OFTEN.

When I received my new iPhone courtesy of a student (a million thanks), I had been unwilling to change to iPhone and couldn’t see the value.  On handing the phone to me the student told me how fabulous it was, told me all the things that could be done, how “connected” I would be, how perfect the photos were, and how you could play with and manipulate images… After that PR rap I asked her WHY,  if the phone was so good, and wasn’t in any way not responding, and in perfect condition inside and out, why was she getting a newer version – which was almost double the price! So much for simplicity.

Turns out the one I had been given only held 5,000 photos, after that it got a bit difficult!  Five thousand photos in a couple of years!! Only Annie Lebowitz the Society Photographer,  takes more one would think.  I reminded the student that the phone had a DELETE button, and taking hundreds of photos of every little thing, and selfies (or multiples of any photos) you may never use is hardly a reason to swap phones.  Where is simplicity in all of this? I have only taken about 10 selfies in my life and even these are surplus to requirements – but then I am older, and hardly a judge.  But it did cause me to think..

We call a picture we take of ourselves a “selfie”, but it doesn’t capture the self at all.  It only looks at externals and doesn’t show what is going on inside at the time the flash goes off. It doesn’t show the viewer your soul – your mind – your feelings – your longing.  It is all about what is floating on the surface of the real you.

Have you noticed as you look back at your 5,000 photos,  that they tend to exaggerate the amount of fun you seem to be having.  Trips that could have been very “ordinary” can be made to look fabulous in a properly shot selfie.  It doesn’t however change the reality for us.  Sometimes it can seem to others (thanks to your selfies) that your life is one big party.  It can also seem that you are more glamorous, fun loving or attractive in a popular way, than you actually are.  They are often not honest representations of who you are, or what is happening.  It is often the “Kardasian” version.

Selfies have a way of turning our lives into something more than they are.  You may be standing in front of a jaw dropping view, but all the viewer sees is your artificial smile.  Instead of focussing on what really matters, what is really important, here you are trying to look like you are having fun, in front of this, and in front of that!

In life,  if we are taking “selfies” all the time, we could be missing out on the good bits (or the GOD BITS).  Missing out on the blessings that have been right in front of us whilst we were looking at ourselves.  I am sure that you have learned in your teacher training, and working with people, that most blessings can only be reached by digging below the surface.  We have to cut through the distractions to get to the essence.  If only you could take a picture of yourself and capture the nature of your soul.  The soul is always calling but few of us are listening.

MAYBE OVER THE TIME IN OUR CLASS CALLED “THE BREATH”,  WE CAN GET CLOSER TO OUR SOULS (NO SELFIES REQUIRED). Until you do, you will never know who you are, or your true calling.


Hey Yogis,

It is Friday and here is your last newsletter for the week.  As usual, the zoom notifications first, and my musings come after.  Today, TO AGE OR NOT TO AGE.  I know what I am choosing to do.

Friday: 6.45 THE FREE PENDULUM CLASS – last week – the vibrations of all things.
Saturday: 2pm THE ART CLASS – Tarot/Botanical/Bring your own unfinished work… if you are coming, please email me:
Sunday: 10am THE GITA STUDY GROUP – We are on our second voyage through this inspirational text.  Do join us.


To celebrate my journey thus far I have purchased a NUTRI BULLET and not a thermomix.  Why? 1. Thermomix mainly is for people who COOK.  I don’t have a stove.  2. If you use your pendulum you may discover as I have,  that cooking destroys the life in food (milk has no life, no vibrations to start with!).  If I juice things, not everything, then I am getting maximum energy released from the food I am juicing. 3.  I have been using a George Foreman alternative to NutriBullet for years, but it died.

I have been doing a lot of experimenting, reading, watching you tube and Ted Talks, and what I notice is that people are only PART SMART.  They may have lost some weight, increased insulin resistance and etc. all good things, but they could have done even better if INSTEAD of concentrating on JUST THE FOOD AND THE PHYSICAL, they worked with the BREATH, and MEDITATION as well.

The TV and the WEB are awash with food and meal management plans and offers, however the results are all about the clothing size and the mirror, but no-one has spoken about snoring, dreaming, insomnia, restlessness, depression, anxiety and so on.  If the regime had been a combination of BREATHE, EAT MOVE AND LIVE, how much better and long lasting the results would have been, (and in my case will be).

Speaking about MOVING.  Congratulations to those people who took my words about not wasting valuable computer time when they could be exercising with a mini-bike under their desks.  I said that you could buy these mini-bikes in Kmart in Woodend but since I gave that advice,  you can’t buy them in Woodend today – until they fill the shelves again – KMART IN WOODEND HAS SOLD OUT OF THEM!!!  There was a sudden run on demand.  So good-on you my Woodend Yogis!  If you still want one, go in and order, or buy on-line if you have missed out.  (I am sure you can purchase them on-line or elsewhere – they were $29. Kogan sells them for $69 and up!)

RECIPES.   If you want some sugarless recipes.. and I am fussy, I don’t mean “horrible” tasting nonsense, go to the blog on   I have a fabulous sugarless berry jam, and a coconut milk POPSICLE with raspberries and chia… recipe.. The jam and the popsicle are both fabulous, nutritious, super easy, super quick and super tasty.

This BREATH WEB SITE is just starting up, but I would like to do some interesting things…  An eating/weight management (or inch management) plan for one thing, a training plan for yoga teachers who want to add it to their teaching menu.   Especially since I am the main guinea pig here, and weight is still falling off me.  I feel sparkly, and “Up” if you know what I mean, PLUS, I am not getting hungry between my (frequent) meals.  It hasn’t cost me much $10 for the bike at the op-shop, and $69 for the NutiBullett in Coles – I think that is it.  I buy veggies anyway in my weekly shop – no change there.  I only have a certain amount of time in my day, and certainly I am not interested in diets, or going to a gym – anything has to fit around my already crowded schedule.

Re. The Popsicles.  I do have moulds I purchased years ago.  I have ditched the fancy handles in favour of wooden sticks as you can see in the ordinary shaped one in the front (even ice block moulds would do), but with the star shaped popsicles (which are harder to eat gracefully – they make a mess), I have stuck with the sticks that came with them.  Not for children I think, unless you like your kids to make a mess.  The shape makes it difficult to eat.

Please go to the new web site  Let me know what you think, and join in with me.  ‘BREATHE, EAT, MOVE AND LIVE”.  Don’t be part smart.