Dear Yogis,


Last Night I worked into the wee smalls on a new Pendulum Board.  It has a white wolf as the central illustration… I think it is beautiful.  Unfortunately there is a lot of gold which won’t show up as beautifully in the printing, but you will see the metallic glow. Lots of Buddhist Icons, Tibetan mandalas… I am not sure what will come next but I do know it will be a fabulous board.  The photograph on the left is of the board, unfinished.  When it is finished I will put it in our STORE on the site with new pendulums.  I am also going to initiate a PENDULUM GROUP, AND NETWORK.  Keep watching, keep zooming….  Please let me know if you are interested in this direction  It isn’t new, I just haven’t put it up front before.

Would you like to know how to make one for yourself?... we are progressing in our classes towards making a board like this for yourself.  It takes time, but is not difficult.  Just the thought.. the imagination and everything flows from that, and we are building the imagination.

Do you have a Pendulum?  The language of the pendulum is used to lift the veil between past present and future, and the message of the reading we receive in response to our question seems often to probe far beyond our immediate concern.  We are frequently told not only how events are likely to take a particular course, but also something about the factors which have contributed to and will continue to effect the future as it unfolds.

A pendulum is more than useful indicator of the future, it is also a helpful friend/advisor in times of doubt or confusion, even in small things like “which vitamins are helpful this morning?”, “how many, when?”  The message we receive enables us to proceed in greater confidence in the light of that knowledge.

The pendulum can be used by anyone, it requires no specialised knowledge or training – just patience…you don’t have to act on the message you receive, but it helps to work out what will be best in the moment.

Astrology and other modes of divination required years of study which put them out of the reach of most students… The pendulum requires patience and perseverance.  For straightforward simplicity there are few systems linking mind to matter to date that could compete with the pendulum.

To get my pendulums/boards, large and small,  and ( and my tarot cards) go to the STORE on  (yes we take PAYPAL) or

Perhaps take time – open your mind, be prepared to play and experiment.  You need to play.