Dear Yogis.,

A reminder that the Yoga Luncheon is on This Saturday at 12 noon at “600ABOVE” in Woodend.  A new Wine Bar just a few doors from the Newsagency.

Also, My iMessages are having a translation problem with Apple, and so, if you are Mac based don’t send messages, send emails (which are fine).  I will let you know when the issue is resolved – Apple are working on it.  If you send an email at  and have to wait too long for a reply, try… or  I am pretty sure my emails are just fine, but at the moment, because I have a Mac computer, I just don’t trust anything.  Bring back pen and ink!

DIVERSABILITY YOGA:    Have you wondered how I have just kept going for so long – 60 years of yoga? It’s about being constantly challenged, constantly delighted… and yoga does that for me.  Now I am offering a new, engaging online course that promises to be as captivating as anything you have done before.

Are you ready to step into a role that not only transforms lives but also offers you a fulfilling and lucrative career path? Our YOGA FOR DISABILITY course opens the door to a world where yoga healing meets professional opportunity.

Why DISABILITY? A Path to Professional Mastery (and Personal Transformation for you and for your students)

Begin a Fulfilling Career:  Our comprehensive course equips you with everything you need to start facilitating DISABILITY YOGA sessions and embark on a rewarding career path.

Transform Lives, Including Your Own: This is about becoming a catalyst for transformation. Help others discover their true potential and the possibilities of growth and change, while experiencing your own journey of self-discovery.

Be in Demand: The demand for DISABILITY workers  is growing.  Seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of this transformative movement.

The Most Rewarding Career Imaginable: Imagine a career where every session has the power to change lives profoundly. As a YOGA FOR DISABILITY TEACHER,  you will be at the forefront of this movement for change.

Don’t Miss Out Enroll NOW! Secure your spot.  Email me and I will send you the information you need to start.

See you soon – emails, studio, lunch?