Dear Yogis,

It is the first day of the new year, and those who have not finished the TEACHER TRAINING COURSE might like to revisit – just to finish.  


If you haven’t contacted us in a long while there is a charge to get you out of the archives, and all the too’ing and fro’ing involved in re-starting, but believe me, it is worth it.  Yoga is on the way up.  We have sat in the doldrums for some time, this means you could be ahead of the game.  I don’t think we will re-run the “glory days” when we taught out of the studio and did three classes of teacher training a week, but you can still finish.

If you want to finish, I will make an extra special deal.  You will have to register.  That is $195 (for the first year) in order to restart.  Normally I charge $250 plus registration, or more depending how long back we have to search for you,  and what is needed to be done to get you back on track.  $195 is fair, and you will receive Student Registration in exchange.  If you are not already teaching, this will mean that you can teach,  and you can apply for student insurance to cover you until you graduate.  You will still have to complete your course. This is not a freebie certification.

If you are a newbie and have thought about teaching and held back – now is the time to move forward.  I know you can get a quickie training – 200 hours – and you can do it in no time at all, but will you able to teach anyone, anywhere. I guess there will come a time when you can learn in a weekend from the back of a Kellogs Packet – but will it be useful?   Will you be able to teach in Europe, in the Med or Monaco like some of our graduates?  Will you be the best? Probably not.

The picture is of the fabulous Inn in Death Valley USA.  It is a favourite place of mine, and I taught there when Pres. Bush visited.  I spoke with Laura, but security won out and she didn’t come to our class although she wanted to – but went for a walk instead so she could be adequately guarded (even on the toilet).

We are expensive (it costs what it costs), the training is at least a year, but you can do it in your own time.  If you like study, if you like learning, you will like our course.  If you just want something to tide you over until the next thing comes along, then maybe we are not for you.

Whichever category you fit into, please contact me if you want to move forward.  Let’s do this thing.