Hi Yogis,

What a lovely week.  The reality of my weeks holiday was sort of the same as usual, but my perception has changed.  The challenge is to get them to match up.  To realise that almost every week can have a holiday aspect if I see it in this way – instead of WORK.  I have more commissions (both needlework and art), and have nearly completed the “Angels and Elephants”…

Speaking of work (or play), I am going to do a miniature (relic? for those who understand) of Father Martin who retired from our parish this week after 14 years with us.  If anyone is “special” it is him.  Who bathed and kissed the congregants feet on Easter Thursday, and blessed the quilts?  – yes, Father Martin, and who cut my wood when I needed it? the same Father Martin.  Practical, spiritual, musical…. I am waiting to see what young person they have asked to take his place (no-one can!).  I am sure the women of the Parish can lend a guiding hand.

Some time ago I gifted a Tea-Bag miniature to Father Martin – A copy of the DALI “COSMIC CHRIST’.  My miniature is absolutely perfect in every way.    Spirit told me to give this to him even though I thought it may not be appropriate.  Obeying Spirit it was presented, it was then I learned that he had a print of this painting on his wall. It was  given to him by his mother who passed not long ago.  It is a  painting that has deep significance for him on many levels.  How good is that?

When I said goodbye on Saturday after his last Saturday service/vigil with us,  he introduced me to others as “..the artist who painted my miniature of the “Dali’s Cosmic Christ”.


CLASSES WOODEND.  from 8th July for the next term….

Windarring Yoga –  Kyneton Tues. 1pm .  (Tuesday AM in Gisborne starting 16th July).

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) Wednesday Restorative 1pm,  FRIDAY RESTORATIVE 10am

DISABILITY YOGA CLASS (YOGA FOR WHEELIES AND WALKERS) in NORMA RICHARDSON hall, starting 9.30am 17th July  by donation. Next term.  All my disability classes with have an emphasis (after time) on meditation/sound therapy.


NEXT STUDIO TEACHER TRAINING – The Sunday July 28th at 2.30