What with Covid and other complications in the world, many souls will leave the earth plane in April and May. Those astrologers among you will know the eclipses on April 30 and May 16 will also assist those in wishing to make their transitions.   Many souls are finding it much more difficult to stay on the earth in its current state of being and present condition. It is a harsh place to be with the war, illness, politic agenda, betrayals, lies and disregard for life.

However, the cycle of birth and death doesn’t end,  and  as my teachers have told me since I started on my journey, millions and millions of us, have been born to be here at this exact time and help others with the earth’s changes and to assist the human race with these changes.

Are You one of the Assisting Souls come to lift the vibrations and the spirits of those here?

Many of my students are aware of these changes – can you feel it? The vibration of the earth has changed and we are not in a stable phase.   The speed of life has changed so much that you can barely keep up. I am sure you have noticed that the world has speeded up – it is not just that we are growing older.  To try and match this new frequency is unwise and a better way is to simplify your life so you can walk through your days with ease.  Pluto went into retrograde last week and will continue to be there until October – this is plenty of time to gain clarity and respond to the strong urges to make spiritual changes.  As Dolores Cannon asked for years….. do you want to be a part of the “new earth” a dimension of light and love or stay stuck in the “old earth”?  She is now helping us from the other side.

You don’t have to physically die (as she did) to do this, but you do need to make a change.  The choice is yours and you can choose to let go of a worn out lifestyle.  Once you make the shift you will be in the space to help others do the same.  Many of the physical changes you are feeling as you make these changes to a higher vibration can be confused with Covid symptoms –  things like chronic fatigue, changing sleep patterns, emotional ups and downs. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to test, you do, but if you have symptoms and you are covid negative, guess what, it could be Pluto.

The choice is always yours, don’t get left behind.



We are offering YOGA, HERBS, MASSAGE and the ION-KI SPA.  All these therapies can be required to ease the symptoms of transition.  One size does not fit all.  You will need one or all of them to ease you in to (and through) the transition.  The herbs to balance and heal, yoga to unite the physical and the spiritual –  balancing the chakras and the meridians, the ION-KI to clear out the meridians and massage to help you connect with the physical.