Dear Yogis,

Another day on the Mountain.  Cold, wet,  English, but heaps better than hot, dry and bush-fire’y.
Some of you will notice another newsletter from me in their mailbox shortly.  Mailchimp is altering the way they do business, hence the missing newsletter at the end of the last few months.  No notification, just no send-out.  To counter this and the higher rates, I have decided to send a mail out from my pendulum dowsing site inbetween, not instead of our usual YogaBeautiful newsletter.   This newsletter will be just about dowsing, pendulums, cards and divination generally.

If you would like to be on the FIRST MOUNTAIN DOWSERS NEWSLETTER list, please let me know.  Once we are through THE BIG PAUSE (Covid), we will be doing Pendulum field trips,  and meetings here in the studio.  Until we get to that point ZOOM is our best point of personal contact and I will organise a weekly or monthly ZOOM meeting once I have your interest. I know you all would like to be involved.  We are going to continue our weekly Tarot, Pendulum and Board making classes.

If I send a “Mountain Dowsers” newsletter and you don’t want it, then email and let me know and I can delete it.  That’s one thing about this other list.  I can delete or add, I don’t rely on mail chimp to interpret my requests.



Our Friday PENDULUM CLASS, and our Saturday PENDULUM AND TAROT class, are both very useful, inspirational..  Some beautiful boards, Sumii and Tarot cards are being produced.  We are not hurrying.  I am just so glad we are working through the projects step by step.  I will photograph them when they are ready to be shown.  You will be amazed.



I am a fan of Kryon, and in the beginning of his journey Neale Donald Walsh (once he started to chase the dollars he lost me).  In our classes and when we are reading the tarot, and moving forward in our creative endeavours, we are certainly channelling.  When we are being the best that we can be,  that is what we are doing.

The amazing tarot cards and boards which are coming out of our classes are from channelling.  The results are nothing short of extraordinary.  If you were sitting where I do, watching the class you would see when the students fall into “trance” (no candles needed), i.e. deep focus.  Their attention gets very concentrated, there is no talking and their heart rates reduce.  It would be interesting to have a scientific experiment done to show if there was a difference physically between this and meditating.  The students look and act as if they are doing a meditation, and afterwards say they have been.  Does it feel like this to you when you are being creative? Besides channelling when you are being creative, slipping into that way of being,  you are choosing to channel.

When you are able to contact your guides (however you do that, through the cards, the pendulum, praying, or meditating on them – you are channelling.  Bringing them in) they will help you to make a difference in your world.  This does not mean that you will not have to struggle if you have chosen to go that route.  Many of you do not trust a way that does not include struggle!  There are ways to live effortlessly if you choose to do so.  It doesn’t mean that everything will automatically come to you, that you can kick back and do nothing.  It does mean that you will get a greater sense of what you want to create and find easier ways to bring it about.

If you follow the advice of your guide, and continue channelling (praying, meditating), changes will occur in your emotional nature and you will experience less of the feelings of heaviness, depression and anxiety.

Channelling will not solve all your problems, it will only change you in ways you want to change yourself. Channelling is not a cure-all or an end all, it simply accelerates your growth opportunities and lessons.  You are still responsible for your life.  Be open to small changes and you will find your efforts rewarded beyond your expectations.  They won’t always be what you expect and they won’t always come from the direction you expect, so be open to pleasant surprises.

Channelling helps you to connect to a constant, steady source of inspiration and information.  Trust your inner guidance and messages.  You are a special, unique individual with unlimited potential… I invite you to discover for yourself your inner Divinity.

When extraordinary things begin to happen in your life – do not forget GRATITUDE.  Do not forget to say “thank you”. OFTEN.

I will see you on ZOOM