Dear Yogis,

In spite of a lack of attendance, we had a great class here.  Subject: DEATH AND DYING.  But it was fun as inappropriate as that seems.  I have dealt with a few deaths over the past couple of weeks, so the subject was correct, and was asking to be addressed.

I have a few pre-loved YOGA DVD sets to sell.  Not individuals… just buy the set, otherwise the postage makes it silly.  When I bought them they were quite expensive, and will be again as they go out of circulation.  Vinyl records are now $80 each! Who knew!

This is a “YOGA BELLY DANCE” set $50 for the set of two + $10 postage..     I used it for a few classes and it was hysterically wonderful…  I think I have a figure more suitable to the Lebanese version now.

If you have a younger (than me) class who are into music and movement, then they will love having a fun yoga class with this.  I imagine a zoom yoga belly dance class would appeal.  You could award prizes of sparkly things for the navel for the best “yoga dancer”.

 A SET OF PREGNANCY YOGA DVD’S.  $65 for the set of three,  plus $10 postage.   1.” YOGA YIN presents PREGNANCY”  2. “BALLET BABY” with Mary Helen Bowers who taught Natalie Portman her ballet for the movie BLACK SWAN and 3. “RAJASHAREE’S PREGNANCY YOGA”.  A wonderful set that covers all body types, and all movement levels.  If you want to teach some would-be mums, then this is for you.  I keep on looking at Zoom and imagining what great (different) yoga classes these would be.

THIS SET HAS A BARRE (Ballet) FOCUS. $75 for the set plus $10 postage  The Barre method integrates the fat burning format of interval training, the muscle shaping of isometrics and the science of physical therapy plus dance…1. “PREGNANCY WORKOUT” (no bar needed)  2. “QUICK RESULT WORK OUT” (no bar needed) and 3. “BEGINNERS WORKOUT” (arms, flat abs, lifted seat and long firm thighs – no bar needed

If you are interested in getting any of the sets (no, I won’t split the up into individual unit sales).  Please email me at and let me know so that I can put them aside.  I can send you a PAY PAL invoice (if you have a Pay Pal account), or you can pay via direct debit.  

I am learning Zoom!!! I had my first interactive session yesterday prior to the Teacher Training (thanks Jen and her Team) and have another class this afternoon at 4pm.  When I have these sitting easily, I will start planning more classes.  I know it is the way to go, but I am not comfortable yet with the tech.  But, I will get there.  It makes so much sense

I also learned how to send you PAY PAL INVOICES, so, if you want to buy any oil (new shipment in, a little more expensive sorry to say), DVD’s,  or pay for the zoom trainings I can now give you some options -you can Direct Debit, or PAY PAL.  How good is that! I am quite proud of myself for getting this far.

I hope you had a great weekend, have found lots of fruitful things to do if you are in lock down.. or like me, are picking up new technologies.  It is the time to learn.