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Dear Yogis,

We have sub-zero(?) temperatures here which add to the difficulties of Covid Style classes when possible.  We manage.  Most yoga schools called a halt until next week, but even then there are no guarantees.  At the moment the classes are as follows…

STUDIO – with Covid restrictions – masks, sanitising, Q codes etc
Monday Hatha 1pm (full), Wednesday Restorative at 5.30 (full) and Friday Hatha at 5.30 (vacancies available)

SUNDAY: 10am The Bardo (This is about living, not just about dying)
MONDAY: 6.30 Mary Magdalen Teacher Training
TUESDAY: 7.30 Mary Magdalen –  The Study

SATURDAY 2pm An information session-THE COMPASSIONATE COMPANIONS PROGRAM.   Please book and I will send you an ID.

REGISTRATIONS – It is almost the End of The Financial year and you may have organised your registrations payments to be alongside this.  Please check and see if your Registration and insurance is up to date.  If you are teaching and have not graduated you need a Student Registration and a Student Insurance, if you don’t have this you are not correctly insured.  Email me and I will send you the application form


Often called Death Doula, no matter what we are learning at the moment it seems to link back to this program.  The process of dying (and living) from the Book of the Dead and yoga, the process of living from The Gospel of Mary Magdalen, the physical aspects and the yamas from yoga… and lots more. It is fascinating.  

In this program I am teaching from all the different aspects of this new profession, and when you graduate from what is a short course (12 weeks?) you will have three certificates.  A “Compassionate Companion” certification, a “Compassionate Companion – Veterinary” Certification and a “Death Doula” Certification.  When you add this to your yoga and/or other qualifications it is pretty impressive.

I will be launching this program in August, although I can send you a working document if you would like to know more.  If you are interested I will put you on the mailing list and let you know our progress via newsletters.  This is a very worthwhile (short) course and the qualifications you will receive on graduation will be invaluable as you move forward.

We live in an ageing population, plus we are dealing with the covid fall-out… add this to the “normal” occurrences of anxiety, depression, and the epidemic of loneliness and I am sure you can see how in demand you will be, not just in your own family, but also in the wider community.  You came to SERVE.  Here is your opportunity.  Email me and I will send the working document.


Until you just sit and breathe, you often forget (or don’t consider) the richness of your life.  The life we have been given.  In prayer, in meditation we often “give what we have” to God, but do we forget to say thank you to God for what has been given to us?

“Everything that is mine I give to you”, means that we already have everything we need at our disposal, we can have EVERYTHING if we will just see what we have been given and accept it.  We don’t have to do anything, we don’t have to qualify, we don’t have to be anything… we only have to acknowledge the gift and be grateful.

Whatever you have asked for is yours already.  We are the ones who put up the blocks to our abundance, not God.  When you understand the vastness of the gift it will blow your mind.  There are times when it is clear to me and at those times I have a hard time breathing,  the gift is so vast it just overwhelms me.  There are times I can’t understand it, and there are times when I am too far away from God to accept it.  But at the back of everything I have a good relationship with Him, so I can get back to the window of clarity.

Make a good decision, make a bad decision, and then move on.  One of the greatest gifts is that we can re-create ourselves for the good in every second.  Remember –  “Nothing happens that is not the will of Allah. Trust this”





Dear Yogis,

Sunday 10am “The Tibetan Book of The Dead”. Study Group (A study of living as well as dying)

STUDIO – Covid Rules in Place
Monday 1pm (Full),  Wednesday (Full),   Friday 5.30 (post Covid wait-list available)



It is not just another 7 days… it’s  seven more days added to 122 spent in lockdown for Victorian’s so far.  By my calculation, about 129 days of not being able to see your friends, your family, 129 days of not being able to work in the way that you did, to provide or to carry through plans or for some, to make the rent.  In Woodend our restrictions have been modified, we are lucky, but our clients are often in Melbourne… so it is still difficult for us.  Like you we are still in recovery from last year and the 7 days.

In March 2020, the way we did business was changed beyond imagining, and beautiful studio classes that I have taught for more than 50 years,  became zoom classes.  Lovely, but not the same.  It did mean that we could reach across the globe, but so many other things were curtailed – and I love people coming and going to the studio, it is my life.

With no studio classes since March 2019,(and only six people max possible in my home studio now due to distancing etc) keeping our chins up and our mindsets positive has been a yoga challenge, just as it has been periodically for ALL victorians and in particular, Victorian Yoga Studios.

Without support from our friends, family, yogis and and clients buying merchandise through our ETSY market place (and supporting other studios you may have been attending – or attend now) this dark time would be even darker.  Let’s all do what we can to keep our studios, and others in mind.   Let’s do what we can to help each and every Yogi in this Industry to come OUT from their difficulties.  They can only do that if we work together.

Support the Victorian Yoga Studios – don’t wait until “the good times”. Make today “a good time”! Buy a book, course, buy a painting (get a tattoo – tattoo shops are allowed to be open, I am), and if you’re not in a financially safe position to do this, then volunteer your time, make something, or send a card to let them know you are well, and thinking about them..

If you have promised your time, promised to attend classes, or take courses – do so when you can. Do not be a “no-show”.    We count on you.  It is these efforts that keep us able to be in business and support you as we always have.

I am very lucky, and I give a big Thank you to those beautiful students who don’t let the sun go down on our efforts.  Where they can they come to classes, buy herbs, buy books, update their Registrations to support their practice,  and when they say they will come to something, they show-up! They are an active member of the Sangha.  They don’t just have a bumper sticker, the yogi earrings, and the carry bag with a logo – they are ACTIVE YOGIS.

They help us do what we need to do to keep providing support.  It doesn’t just happen. 

Absolutely EVERY bit counts, we know that first hand.    You can find courses, herbs, books, cards, paintings and loads of other products at .  Every little purchase, every little bit of support you can give,  will help us rise out of this difficult time. We (and every other yoga business) are like any shop.  If you don’t support the shop, then sooner rather than later the shop will close.  If you want the shop to keep open, make a purchase, make yourself known, keep up the support especially when times are tough and they are..

One thing you can do is  update your Registration which helps us, and helps you.  If you haven’t done it – do it today. When you do that send it with your application for insurance to AON, so that you can be insured correctly.  Don’t be part smart.



I will meet you on the mat,

Namaste. Jahne








Dear Yogis,

With Melbourne under lockdown, and Regional Victoria partially released we have a mix of zoom and studio this week.  There will be no zoom cafe today as most people are out of lock-down.

Saturday 10.30 The Business of Yoga this is FREE.  Please let me know if you need an ID.
Sunday 10am, “Tibetan Book of the Dead”.  Study
Monday 6.30, Teacher Training.  “Mary Magdalen”
Tuesday 7.30, “Mary Magdalen” – The Study

Friday 5.30, Hatha Yoga
Monday 1pm Hatha Yoga (full)
Wednesday 5.30, Restorative Yoga

My yoga “mafia” understands that we have been put on this planet to serve – in so many ways our schools, our studios, our teaching, our outreach – that is what we do.  Now we are taking the next step, this time off the mat and into the greater community.

“To learn how to really help those who are dying is to become fearless and responsible about our own dying, and to find in ourselves the beginnings of an unbounded compassion that we have never suspected” – Sogyal Rinpoche

Our new course (based on Buddhist and Christian principles) which you will be able complete in 12 weeks, will lead you off the mat, and into working across a broad spectrum of people and also to help animals, our furry companions.  When animals are in their last days, their family also need help, not just the animals themselves.

I believe that you will be able to work in private homes, in hospitals, in care centres, referred by funeral homes, councils and so on.  We were one of the first with yoga and we had to educate our community to the need for this wonderful discipline, and this is the same.  In this time of Covid and from hereon in, compassionate companions will be needed across the whole of the community.  People do not have to be dying to need a human presence – someone who will sit and listen.

If you would like to be a professional “Compassionate Companion”…(there will be some half scholarships), please email me in the first instance.

I look forward to you joining me on this journey…..


Namaste Jahne (see you on the mat)