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Well gang, we are “sort of” out of restrictions, but only part way.  They might have been confusing before, they are very confusing now.  However, because I am teaching on a personal  level and not larger classes, I am starting studio sessions from Monday the 13th of September, 1pm.  I don’t know when I will be able to enlarge the classes.  There are still no casuals allowed,  appointments and bookings for 4 CONSECUTIVE  sessions at a time as usual.

VACCINATION:  The Government is going to be trialling new requirements regarding a type of vaccination passport.  It won’t be terribly useful as they are so easily able to be forged (as reported on Radio National).  However, it is going to be a nuisance for those who are not vaccinated as some doors will be shut to them, and for those of us who are vaccinated we will have to keep on justifying ourselves everywhere.  But like the QCode, we will learn to live with it.

ZOOM/STUDIO SCHEDULE (unless things change)
ZOOM: Friday 6.45, Tarot. Sunday 10am, CCP. Monday, 6.30 Teacher Training.  Tuesday, 7.30 CCP.
STUDIO: Monday 1pm and Wednesday/Friday 5.30.  There are no casual bookings, only booking of four CONSECUTIVE classes. If you are not a regular student with this studio, then you can put yourself on the wait list.  I will let you know when I can have regular classes.  Right now the classes are more like personal sessions for regulars or the health impaired.  I dream of the time we may be able to go back to actual classes.

Our zoom classes are pretty terrific, and I am looking forward to seeing you on TAROT ZOOM this evening.  We are going to talk about THE TAROT AND VISION BOARDS.   The Tarot Boards I make function as vision boards for me.  When I look at them I am reminded of what I want to “BE, DO and HAVE”, and the board itself helps me to get there.  How you use your boards depends on you.  You can’t “have” until you “be” and “do”.

I have been having a lovely time doing illustrations on tea bags.  On the basis of this, I have been asked to do an article for the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators based at the Smithsonian in Washington DC.  It is one of the amazing  places I trained more the 35 years ago.  Every day I paint something (like a pianists five finger exercises and scales).  The watercolour to the left is the eye of a WOLF.  The brush I use is a 16×0 – very tiny.  You could almost count the hairs, and they wear out really quickly on the tea bag substrate.

I am soon going to do portraits, in the meanwhile I will do silhouettes FOR YOU TOO. If you want
one, send me a profile photograph of yourself, your children (or your pet), and I will do a silhouette.  The cost is $87.50 matted, and mounted ready to frame in A5 size (although you could frame larger….) and including postage.  

Just send me a profile photograph, and pre-pay via PayPal (go to and click on PAY VIA  PAYPAL.  they do take credit and debit cards).

Life moves along.  We all are reminded of the Buddhas words “DO WHAT YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE WHERE YOU ARE”.  I have been given so much, it is a challenge to use all of my gifts…  What about you?







Good Morning Yogis,

And a fabulous morning it is…  I have been advising clients with regard to long term Covid “disabilities” and I thought you would be interested as I am particularly focussing on mushrooms.  Turkey Tail, Reishi and Shiitaki (not the poor excuse found in Coles).

ZOOM until restrictions eased
Friday: Tarot 6.45, Sunday: 10am CCP, Monday 6.30 Teacher Training, Tuesday 7.30 CCP Study


I believe that in this time of Covid we should be exploring the medicinal actions of these medicines to include in our diet BEFORE we get sick, to protect us against the long term effects of the virus – not instead of vaccination, but alongside it.  Even if we are vaccinated and have a mild form of the virus, it can leave us with debilitating side effects, which we are now beginning to explore.  These mushrooms might be the key to health and immunity as they have been in China and Japan for hundreds of years.

I have taken most of my references, and the way that I take them and use these fungi from KAMPO (a person oriented system). A medicinal healing practice that originated in China and is in use in Japan.  It is included alongside acupuncture in trainings passed down from Master to student, but is so accepted that it is primarily taught under the headings of acupuncture, and not on its own.  Doctors in these countries who have learned traditional Western medicine  have learned to combine Kampo with modern conventional treatments.

TURKEY TAIL: Although Turkey Tail is used mainly in China to reverse the spread of tumours and has increased the survival rates in hundreds of well documented cases, it has other uses as well.  It protects immune cells from free radicals, and increases the effectiveness of Tcells.

REISHI: Known as the “phantom mushroom” because it is difficult to find in the wild, Reishi’s antihistamine action prevents the inflammatory reactions within the lungs which makes breathing difficult.  Reishi also stimulates the maturation of immune cells which prevents secondary  infections.  Reishi’s effect on the brain have led to its use in age-related intellectual decline.  Reishi is readily available as powders, tea bags tablets or tinctures.  We have it in store as a spore-oil.

SHIITAKE:  Known as Huang-Mo in China,  it is documented as early as 200AD.  Shiitake stimulates the immune system and increases the production of interferon.  It is available in tablet, syrup, powder and tincture forms.  Buying the real thing in grocery stores is not helpful because of the method of growing the mushroom for the mass market, its storage and time between harvest and sale.

If you would like to do more reading about the usefulness of fungi, then research Japanese Kampo. A traditional healing practice. Kanpō medicine, often known simply as Kanpō, is the study of traditional Chinese medicine in Japan following its introduction, beginning in the 7th century,  then adapted and modified to suit Japanese culture and traditions.

I know that we are all becoming jaded from zoom, but it is important that we stay together.  This way of learning is going to be happening over and over as different strains emerge and we learn to keep up and then co-habitate with the virus.  We can’t decide how it will appear, but we can decide how we will respond.

Use this time to study, to learn something new, or to build on your skills.  If you have trouble learning new things, keep on trying, don’t be put off.  We are all anxious, to some extent depressed, and unsure of the next step.  This can make it difficult to learn when previously you may have found it easy.  As Buddha said “This too will pass”.


I will see you on the mat.






Dear Yogis,

Especially dear are those students who have taken up the challenge of CCP – those in the first intake.  A truly dedicated band, and every one has a little piece of my heart.  It has been an interesting journey and I am only part way down the track – a little over half way.  Because this is a new course, and a new thought (even for our insurance agents), there are new challenges in every session.

This week we spoke about how to come to the comfort and aid of women who have lost children and babies, even those babies considered to be embryos and with no possibility of life as modern medicine views it.  As yogis we understand that at every stage we are spiritual beings with a reason for our existence however short or long that may be.  Even before they/we  have made the decision to enter  the womb we are “alive” and have a reason for being.  We bless those “waiting to be born, waiting to enter the womb”.  As a COMPASSIONATE COMPANION we are like a welcoming/guiding committee for all beings,  and are available to understand and guide parents, siblings, relatives to a calm place, allowing the thought that every living thing has a path.

If you would like to walk this path, if you would like to join with us,  the next intake of the CCProject will be Sunday the 10th of October at 10am.  Please email me and I will forward to you the appropriate admission forms. 

In this new and different world, there will be many ways you can use this certification this new discipline.  Already in our current class we are considering areas we would like to specialise in, people we could help, aid and comfort – Mothers, beloved pets, family members, aged care, mental health.  We have even thought of those CCP graduates who prefer to work to organise the administration required as one is facing life and death decisions (all of us) and getting  affairs and documentation  in order ready to be taken to lawyers, and executors at the proper time.  All the information required by those left behind to carry on,  making sure  there is as little IT stress as possible.  The LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF EVERYTHING is indispensable in this.

CCP  is a short course with great benefit to the world.  I remember many years ago when The Southern School of Natural Therapy opened its its doors, no-one really knew what a naturopath was.  The Directors of this new school asked me if I would like to join the first intake, which for me would have meant 6 months of study.  At the time I was concentrating on yoga.  I didn’t know what naturopathy was, and on that basis I decided that I didn’t want to interrupt my yoga study, so I declined the offer.  The course is now a minimum of four years and costs about $45,000 – I could have done it in 6 months for less than $1,000. Naturopaths are now a valued part of our alternative health system.

If I could go back and got the opportunity presented to me again would I take it, if only to learn new things,  not necessarily to become a naturopath –  Yes I would.  So, learn from me…take this CCP opportunity.

I am offering you this course for under $500 and only 10 to 12 weeks commitment.  Will it change? YES of course, as we understand more, meet more people, and expand our thinking.  Should you consider joining us now…YES YOU SHOULD.  We don’t know where this will lead, but we know it will grow to meet you..  It is a wonderful course already, but it will grow.

To move forward with this (at the moment) short course, please go to to answer any queries,
or  email me direct and I will send you the application admission forms.

Monday 6.30 Teacher Training, Tuesday CCP Study, Friday 6.45 Tarot
Monday 1pm Hatha, Wednesday 5.30 Restorative

STUDIO –  if Covid restrictions lifted at the end of the week. Friday 5.30 (hatha)


DECLUTTERING:  I have a big bag of books about Palmistry which I am offering for sale – make an offer, and a beautiful handmade Kangaroo skin drum $200.  I can’t post either of these as the postage would add considerably to the cost.  Email me if you are interested –