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Dear Yogis,

TUESDAY: 7.30 to 9pm.  YOGA lecture. The Chakras.
Next Tuesday:  1.30pm THE TAO OF WATERCOLOUR – Making beautiful cards/paintings from your doodles.

REGISTRATION:  At this time of the year it might be a good idea to glance at your registration papers.  Is your membership still current. Everyone who re-registers between now and the end of October will receive one of my beautiful Small Pendulum Charts (17cm x17cm)  and a Purse size chart FREE.   That is two charts FREE so you will never be without one.  I wasn’t sure how useful they would be, after all we have the large one, but these are perfect.  I have the medium one near my computer and the tiny one in my purse with my travelling pendulum.  If you use your pendulum as a friend, and have it near you all the time, you will use these charts often..  REGISTER TODAY.  Email me to get your application for re-registration.



Here’s a thought.  Like the plastic wrap you use to keep your celery fresh, your to-do list is IMMORTAL.  Mine will live on even when I die.  My daughter will get to read it and think I am nuts..  Every day we get a chance to drive ourselves crazy with the thought that we are “lazy”, not good enough, or not doing enough.  Every day you have the opportunity to practice stress or practice PEACE.   Keep in mind you have a CHOICE.  A CHOICE.  All it takes is a willingness to change and some common sense.  There are only so may hours in a day, we all have the same.  Use them wisely.

We live in a very worried, stressed culture and Covid is making this worse.  Prior to the pandemic 70% to 90% of visits to primary care physicians are attributable to stress.  When I first came to the Macedon Ranges there were few doctors, one or two for each of the little clusters of communities.  Not only could you easily get an appointment, the doctors and their small staffs had time for yoga.  Now there are 20 and more doctors where there used to be one or two (multiplied by medical offices springing up all over the Shire, plus specialists etc.).  In spite of the huge increase in doctors and support staff, you can’t get an appointment, hardly anyone values yoga, and fewer come to class.  There are many who go to the doctor who just need comfort, not medication.  People who need someone to talk to, something to give meaning to their day. The doctors themselves need to de-stress.  You can help.

We all have skills we don’t use.  Change is more exciting and certainly easier when you share your intentions and your wins with someone you care about, or a close group.  If you need support, you could consider bringing together an “Inner Peace Group” so that you can check in with each other about ideas, and progress.  In this way you can create a small supportive community where love and understanding can live and grow.

In the middle of this Pandemic, techniques for de-stressing are very important.  There is going to be an avalanche of needy students as the months move towards Christmas and the new year.  When the monetary aid is removed and scaled down we will really see where the help is needed. This will be a new kind of pandemic, visible and invisible, but like Covid, worldwide.

As the Dalai Lama reminds us, we are all the same,  we are all alike in our desire for happiness and the need to avoid suffering. The answer is simple but it is not easy. You can start at the beginning.  Baby steps, baby steps.









Dear Yogis,

Today (Monday) 1pm RESTORATIVE with weights and bands.
TUESDAY: 7.30pm The Chakras a group discussion.

We have all of Tuesday afternoon waiting for you to come to a class.  I have started thinking about the end of the year and the Holiday Season, and have started to produce cards and paintings.  I am thinking about a class so you can do your own too THE TAO OF WATERCOLOUR.  It is easy to make doodles into cards, and with the price of cards at the moment, it can be a save.  The postage makes sense if the cards are original and can be framed.  Yours could.

Years ago when the Collins Street Store “Georges” was still open I used to make all their Special Occasion and blank cards.  It kept me very busy.  My mum knitted socks for them and I made cards.  It was lovely experience.  I still make cards. I make tarot cards, gifts cards, and Christmas cards without Father Christmas – I have flowers and Australian orchids on my Christmas cards.  If you want to make cards (easily) come to class.   TUESDAYS AT 1.30 to 3pm from 29th September ($50 for three classes).

…OR, you can buy mine.  When I have a stash I will put them on our web site store  and ETSY  I am also on Patreon (without videos – yet).

 For our class you will need some basic materials you can source between now and then, even if you can’t get to a store.  If you have some left over card, newspapers, watercolours, basic brushes we can do this.  Even if you don’t have card stock you can do the small paintings and mount them on the cards when you get them in plenty of time for Christmas (or frame them) – NO ART SKILLS REQUIRED. If you can doodle, you can do this.  Email your interest or you can sign up in the usual way – go to the home page, click on DONATE and PayPal will take credit/debit cards and PayPal account.

The rain has returned.   If this was December I would be super happy… rain at night until the fire season please.  We are told it is going to be a cooler and wetter time (especially November) with a hot February as usual. Start preparing now if you didn’t start last year.

We repeated the Bhagavadgita learnings yesterday.  It is a huge subject but every time we get together we learn something new, approach the subject a different way.  From this point of view there are no repeats. Next sunday morning we will be discussing YOGA in the Bhagavadgita.  It is a huge subject and unlikely we will get through it even in a couple of sessions, particularly as we are yogis, and have our own ideas about what “yoga” means to us.  Be there.  Put it in your diary now.  It is $20 for the 2 hour lecture and the repeat the following week is FREE if you have purchased the first one.  Two for the price of one.


No matter what Church you belong to,  or if you absolutely don’t believe, we all long for the same thing, TO LOVE AND BE LOVED, as the song says.  We are all reaching for that deep sense of connection, worth, and belonging that we believe LOVE provides.  and are led to believe that this feeling is as close to heaven as we humans can achieve.

If we have felt respect and love as a child from our parents,  we are more likely to have a reasonable chance of experiencing what we conclude is love.  Such positive influences from our parents provides the foundation for compassion and kindness as an adult.  I will always remember what my teacher said to me as I began my work with people in rehabilitation ….“Always remember – HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE”.  In America (before Covid), statistics showed that the prison system was the fastest growing sector of the economy and over half the population of America would be incarcerated by the middle of this century.  The way to reverse this would be to help the children.   Like every human,  the majority of prisoners have the desire to make sense of their lives, and create a future that is different to their past, if not for themselves, then for their children..

If you want peace in your life (we all do) you will have to commit to a healing process that mends our concept of self, teaches emotional intelligence, and most importantly helps you work towards forgiveness both for yourself and others.  No healing can take place without forgiveness.

Mother Teresa coined the phrase “One-by-One”.  She knew she would be overwhelmed if she thought about all the people on the streets of Calcutta, and the 40,000 she rescued.  She expanded her mission one by one.  That is why I urge you to think as I do of healing the world “one yogi at a time”.  It is a strategy you can all adopt, and begins with forgiveness.

START TODAY.  Heal the world where you are, one yogi at a time.





Dear Yogis,

Sunday again, BHAGAVADGITA TIME.  By the time you read this, we will be well into the discussion… if you come in fast you may catch the last hour.  It will be worth it.  Although this is a repeat, it is not a recorded repeat.  I do it again, and because everyone has usually gone through the first one, it is quite a different class looking at the same topic.  This week (as last week) the focus is on GOD – KRSNA as He appears in the ‘Gita.  We did plan to speak about YOGA and the ‘Gita last week, but we didn’t get around to it. Let’s see what happens today.

Yesterday we had the most marvellous (ZOOM) MAKE YOUR OWN TAROT training.  Number three of a series of three.  The group decided to move forward and do three more.  In the first three classes, we decided on the theme, the design, the size and how we will print/publish.  We are now working towards packaging and making the book to go with the set.  However, you can start with us, even if you missed the first three, you can start fresh.  Having students who have done the beginning and can coach is always helpful, plus they move back and forth between solving design issues, or colours, and the book.  When you start the book you may realise a problem with the card design.  Whatever reason you come along, even if you like painting or collaging miniatures, it is worthwhile and fun.

As I said yesterday, Christmas (from an artist’s point of view) is just around the corner.  If you are going to make your own cards MAKE YOUR OWN TAROT may be just the class you are looking for.  The difference between a Christmas card and a tarot card is just the image.  I am also going to teach some simple watercolour ideas.  I resent paying heaps for a christmas/special occasion card unless it is an original artwork and supports an artist.  Be an artist, learn some simple techniques.  Let me know if you are interested in making your own cards, yoga cards or miniatures for gifts….

In yoga we have the philosophy, we have the words, we have the images.. all you need to do is learn how to make them into miniature art works.  It is not as hard as you think.. and ALL ON ZOOM.

One thing I will be doing on Zoom is small portrait silhouettes – they are personal.. and take quite a lot of thinking about.  I did them earlier in the year – I am sure you remember.   Individuals or families.  Imagine what a wonderful Christmas card that would make.  Please book a sitting, or email a profile – individuals or family groups.  If I can see both eyes or both ears, it is not a profile.  I can even do silhouettes of houses or animals, or you in a yoga pose, but I need an emailed photo.. an interesting view of a house, or a profile of an animal.  You will get one original to frame and 10 cards to send to family and friends (you can order multiples).

Email for a booking or to enquire:


As we are coming out of Covid stages 3 and 4, students are asking how we will be moving forward in the studio.  The truth is, I am not sure.  It took me a while to get into zoom, and surprisingly I have gotten used to it, and love that I can work with students around the globe.  Can I afford to go back to teaching in a small classroom, taking up the studio space when I could keep doing what I do and teach my students from anywhere.

Then there is TIME.  In order to continue zoom classes, and add studio classes, and keep doing my various art works and teachings I would effectively be doubling my workload.  There is only one of me, and only a certain amount of energy.

When I was younger (much younger) I taught 4 and 5 yoga classes a day because I had to raise children and all that entails.  That no longer applies.   There are students who want me to go back to teaching in the classroom, but I am not sure…you will have to let me know how YOU want me to go forward.  Yoga, Tarot, Silhouette Portraits, Watercolours, Yoga, Philosophy… I work with each of these… and enjoy them.

Then there is the fact that I have been teaching yoga for more than 50 years.  Which of you has been doing or teaching ANYTHING for that length of time? Committed to a community or to yoga (or even one job) for that length of time? Holding the space?   I am enjoying teaching art and tarot and other things I do.  It is refreshing to pass these skills along.  Not just yoga.  In this regard Covid has offered me a number of opportunities I did not know existed.