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Hi there yogis,

Just to let you know.  We now have PayPal and PayPal CREDIT on our web site which means that you can pay for your classes (and anything in the shop) by paypal.  The easiest way is to click “DONATE” which is at the bottom of the Home page, and pay the appropriate amount for your class as a once off donation, and do it each time or as a block booking..  PayPal sends me a notification of payment, and sends Jacky a monthly statement.  It is super easy.  I will put the classes on the shop when I have worked out the easiest way, but for the moment, DONATE is the easiest way.

I will have the courses and hopefully the classes in the shop, but for the time being, chat with me about what you want, and then DONATE the appropriate amount.

The Sunday morning teacher training is exceedingly popular.  I have classes now every second Sunday.  I am thinking of making it every Sunday at 10am (a two week repeat)  so that I have not got too many per class.  Plus if you miss one, you can come to the next. It will cost $20 per class and PayPal is now the easiest way.   I want it to be like a class, not a desktop of postage stamp sized people whom I can’t see.  I want to see you.  These classes are important and it has been YEARS since I had a full Teacher Training class mostly because of time constraints and distance, none of which apply on Zoom.


“Esam bhutanam prthivi rasha, prthivya apo raso-pam asadhyo rasa, osadhinam puruso rasah”    “The essence of all beings is earth.  The essence of earth is water.  The essence of water is plants. The essence of plants is the human being.”

Chandogya Upanishad

 I am working out times for herbal remedy classes, on zoom.  Anyone can join, no previous experience is needed, just a willingness to learn.    I think that Monday at 6.45 to 7.45pm would be a good time for me. What about you?   I would do a series of three classes  for $35.  You would need to download the booklet I provide from Etsy.  Once we have completed the 3 classes we can decide whether to delve deeper.  I won’t know until we start which direction the class will take.  I am hoping to help you start your own classes… we need people who can save the world, one yogi at a time.

We will start with simple herbs and weeds you can find in the garden and whilst you are out walking. The plant on the back of my new Tea Leaf Reading Cards is in fact A Tea Plant. We will talk about history and philosophy, we will learn how to forage and gather, identify,  dry them, freeze and store them, make teas, make Bach Flower remedies… maybe even read tea leaves.  Keep in mind that I am not a MEDICAL HERBALIST, so what we make will not be dangerous.  Just simple “medicine woman” stuff. The wisteria in the picture is spring on my back verandah.  When the bees have been active, this is the result.

I am looking forward to our classes aren’t you. As an aside. When Thea Sinesis (the original tea herb)  was first introduced in England it was pronounced cha or tcha from the Mandarin and Cantonese dialects spoken in Macao,  the port from which the tea was shipped.  When a Cockney housewife in London says it would be nice to have “a cup of char”, she is speaking perfectly acceptable Chinese, a holdover from the original word. There even used to be a Black Market in tea when the British introduced Tea Taxes.


I have had a few tradespeople come see me during the lock-down.  In spite of the fact that they are the lucky ones. They have a trade, a car, a community, still there is no spring in their step,  and they talk about less business, and things are hard, and getting worse…and are surprised when I say how fantastic my life is.  And it is.  I believe in ABUNDANCE and abundance is about each person’s relationship with the Universe (which you may call “God”).  

You may not know how to get out of whatever mess you are in, but the Universe does.  Believe in God or whatever you want, it doesn’t change the fact – it is designed to help you.  In the middle of eternity (or infinity) there are no limits or restrictions.  What we ask for, and think we won’t get, surprise, we won’t get. Our own perception of how things work is getting in the way of the outcome (and our “income”).  Your karma can also get in the way, and asking for negative outcomes can too.

Limitations live in our world, not in the Universe, not in God’s world.  God (or your Angels) only measures two things – SINCERITY AND GRATITUDE.  Your willingness to express Gratitude will ensure that whatever happens, even if you don’t see it as the solution to your problem (yet), it will allow the Universe the greatest flexibility  to assist you in whatever it is you desire, and ensure you will always get the very best.

It goes without saying you have to know what you want, and not keep changing your mind.  If you went into a cafe and kept changing your mind about what you wanted to eat, in the end no-one would be happy, and you may leave hungry.  The Universe is only as useful to you as you allow it to be.

You have to know what you want, make up your mind, and listen for the advice from the Universe however it comes – from dreams, synchronicities, your Angels, the TV.  Just expect it.  Maybe ask for the wisdom to let your higher self intercede.  The Universe is hugely bountiful. What you want may take a minute or so, it may take a month or a year… BUT IT WILL COME IN THE RIGHT TIME.  ASK IT, BELIEVE IT, AND TRUST IT. IT WILL COME.









Dear Yogis,

I am having such fun with zoom (yes it is me!)… I just want to get better and better, learn more and more BECAUSE, I think this is going to be with us until way after the “emergency” is over.

The Black Death was a devastating medieval epidemic during which 50-60% of the people in Europe. This illustration depicts the diseased: Skeletons are rising from the dead for the dance of death.

Illustration from Liber chronicarum, 1. CCLXIIII; Skeletons are rising from the dead for the dance of death.
(Image: © Anton Koberger, 1493/Public domain)

I would imagine that I am not the only one doing this kind of reading.  It is not about being morbid, it is about learning how small pockets of the population survived various plagues (Pandemics)..   I am curious.  I thought there was only one plague – THE BLACK PLAGUE.  Not so.  They are a recurring feature of populations, and not confined to cities.  All you need is ships (and “airships” planes) and commerce bringing virus to your shores, travellers taking the virus throughout the land, and the populations by their activities spreading it.  To control the pandemic we have to break the chain.

The FIRST Plague (Pandemic) was between the 6th and 8th centuries.  It was different from the following plagues, and scientists now think it may have been ebola.

The SECOND Plague (Pandemic) between the 14th and 18th century (recurring) was the one we call The Black Death which killed 50% and 60% of the population of Europe.  They didn’t really know what caused it, and because of the thriving trade with the world in the 1660’s it hit London.  Thank goodness for the “Fire of London”.  The distinctive feature of this plague were the large lumps on the body (buboes – hence “bubonic plague”) corresponding to the lymph glands especially it seems under the arms and in the groin, and the large numbers of rats dying – “heaping up in the streets” as reported. This was the plague caused by the fleas carrying the virus body to body.  Then there was a THIRD plague (Pandemic) in France between 1720 and 1721 which was brought  under control.

During the Black Death, the most catastrophic of the plagues (pandemics), The monasteries and rudimentary “hospitals” with enlightened monks nuns and nursing staff did what we are doing today.  Keeping in mind science had no answers, they experimented, and learned what worked.  They used linen strips as masks to protect against droplets in the air,  and vinegar to cleanse their hands and surfaces often, so much so that it was reported that their hands became dry and painful..  They advised the population to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary to venture out, and speak to no-one other than direct family already in the house.  Mostly, the population chose to ignore the advice, or didn’t understand it.   Fields became barren, houses fell down, crime waves rose, and generally the population retreated.  Survival was the only consideration. Towns and cities became ghost towns. There was no assistance from the Church, the Councils or the Government.

Then of course we had the SPANISH FLU (Pandemic) which killed more people than did the Great War.

We have progressed in many ways, but many still do not understand that we have to bring the infection rate down by doing exactly what they did in the plagues above.  Wear masks, cleanse often (hopefully not with vinegar), and stay away from anyone, anything, or anywhere that is not necessary.


Some people just can’t cope, and this is where yoga teachers can help, and why I got onto zoom.  We must support our communities.  Help them understand what is happening, and show them how to live within the boundaries, knowing that if we don’t the virus will keep re-appearing.  It will anyway, but if we do the right thing it will be in decreasing severity until like the flu we learn to live with it.

I have an increasing number of classes.  I try to have them be more social, happy classes – light, encouraging, uplifting.  Not about getting the asanas RIGHT.  The Tibetan gongs are a key feature….Plus we are having a weekly “coffee morning” where we just talk.  I am also doing workshops and lectures where we can learn new sills and understand old skills.

This is the time where yoga teachers are needed and wanted.  Use the skills you have, learn new skills, bring those skills to your communities, stay positive.. and stay within the boundaries.  It really is the only way.  We can support each other and by doing this support our various communities and extended families.  

The last few weeks will be harder because we will think we have succeeded…. this is not the case.  We must STAY THE COURSE.




Dear Yogis,

By the time you read this I will have given the Tuesday HYPERMOBILITY  class with the focus on CSF, and be looking forward to Wednesdays two Restorative Yoga Classes. ALL ON ZOOM.  How good is that?

A NOTE.  When doing the lectures, workshops or teacher training, please download the book from Etsy that is relevant to the class you are doing.  It makes it easier. There is space for notes, and you will get more out of any course I do BECAUSE I WROTE THE BOOK that accompanies the course.

We will be starting the Hypermobility series again next week (Topic: Ida and Pingala).  If you are serious about being the best you can be as a yoga teacher, then you can’t miss this series.  Sign up today.

I am always stunned by the teachers who, in spite of my youtube videos, the Etsy books and now the workshops are oblivious to the fact that this is going to make a huge difference a. how they teach and b. what they teach and c. the results.

Mind you, I have learned a lot by watching others teach zoom yoga, and one very successful on-line teacher said that “if you haven’t got the best music and speakers,  you aren’t really teaching yoga and shouldn’t charge”. If this is the current understanding of what yoga is, then probably I shouldn’t be surprised that my students don’t understand that yoga is actually a discipline, a health regime, and not an opportunity to improve your moves and twerk like the Kardashians.

COMING UP THIS WEEK ON ZOOM YOGA:  Wednesday 12.30 and 5.30 Restorative, Friday 5.30 Restorative, Saturday 12.30 Restorative, Saturday 2pm Tarot Training, and Sunday at 10am Teacher Training. Have a look at the web site


I am starting a class on one of my favourite subjects HERBS.  You will have to download the book from Etsy.  You will learn how to collect, grow, identify and use herbs… you will also learn how to run a class in herbs in your community.  Please let me know if you are interested – I won’t start without a class wanting me to teach. You can’t start half way through as some people want to with everything.  You know the comments – “Let’s see how it goes, then we’ll join”.  It is not the best way to move forward.

We will learn how to start simple, and go complex.



All the giving in the world will not bring you the success you are looking for if you don’t know how to receive in like measure, and leave yourself open to this happening.  If you shut yourself down from receiving, you are in fact refusing the gifts of others – and you shut down the flow.  It is about receiving as well as giving. Having big dreams, believing in yourself is tied towards being ravenous to receive.  How can you have success (however you interpret this for you) without having it?

It is all about being receptive.  The secret to gaining success is to give openly and without reservation. The secret to GETTING is giving, and the secret to giving is making yourself open to receiving.