You will find an updated version of the course on  I am also going to load a video so that you can do an hour when you have the time, not dependent on a zoom course time schedule.

Welcome to Yoga beautiful!  Where we combine ancient philosophies with a twist of eastern-meets-western realism to guide you to igniting your inner radiance and health that will last you a lifetime.

Want to become the master of your own health? 
Let me show you how!

If there was another way I could help my students to eat, breathe, move and live more effectively, then I would do it. But there isn’t – at least in a lifetime of looking I haven’t found one. Yoga is the only way I have found. It works. You need to learn to relax, and have patience, and RESTORATIVE YOGA THERAPY is the most beautiful mindful exercise program.

We teach this a number of times a week to students of all ages and traumas…  there is no need to hold back because you feel you are not flexible.  One of my students called this “the strawberries and cream of yoga” – and it is. Without seemingly doing much at all, we are profoundly changing the body (and the mind). Try it. To enquire or apply email me at



SHORT COURSE (12 weeks)

STUDIO BASED: 37 Morris Road, Woodend.

COST:  $450

If you are a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, nurse, teaching the elderly, interested in serving your community.. but haven’t settled on the “how” then this may be the course for you.  You could be trained and teaching in 12 weeks.

All recovery is a team effort and this is no different, except that YOGA has hardly ever been accepted as part of the team.  This is changing.  If you would like to be part of a healing team, offer a more long term and effective tool for recovery, then this is it.  I have trialled it over ten years, and I believe it to be very effective (I have boxes of testimonials that tell me it works).  You will be able to teach in aged care homes, yoga studios, community groups.  There is no limit.  Even one-to one.   Everyone needs to stretch and relax their body into wellness.

Acceptance is by application to me in the first instance.  Jahne at