“You have been a huge part of my healing, I have felt you with me, your messages reverberate”. JM

“Thank you. You have opened my mind and my spirit and freed me for which I will be forever grateful”. A

“Your course has taken me a long way – on a fabulous journey that still continues. Everything that was in the modules was practical and to the point. Now I am teaching I can teach with confidence and ability. Every possibility that has arisen at some point teaching, the course has given me the knowledge and expertise to deal with all situations appropriately and gracefully. I thank you for preparing me for this and guiding me along the way”. KD

“Dear Jahne, thank you. You are the best yoga teacher in the world. Yoga is so fun and ever sinse I started yoga I have been more stretchy and I love it. It also helps my riding and karaty a lott”. TK (Aged 7)

“Thank you for your guidance, support and belief in me over the years. You will always have a special place in my heart”. A

“Thank you for another year of yoga, friendship and spiritual support, not to mention health tips, recipes and book swapping… “ K