I started massage about 40 years ago.  I was born with severe eye problems which returned when I was 40, however, before then I had decided to do a job that built on my yoga beliefs that I could do even if I could not see.  Yoga would be difficult under these circumstances, but massage would be perfect.

There were not many kinds of massage available to me.  There was “Oriental”, “Swedish” and “Relaxation”, and I learned and used them all.  They were very good but something was missing.  I developed my own version PPT which encompassed what I came to know as Tibetan Pulsing.  Whilst this was happening to me change was happening to massage too.  Different types of Energy Massage, Angel Massage etc emerged,  and all these different kinds emerged and blended.

I still teach and train PPT (Psycho Physical Therapy), and the massage I do is all about Healing Energies, and how these are encouraged in the body.  It is about talking to the body more than bringing something external to the body.  The body knows what is true, I just encourage that growing, that healing.  I am not sure how to speak about it – I just know that every person on the table experiences it in a different way, appropriate to them – and healing takes place.  It is not from me, it is through me.  I am just the conduit, the cable for the energy.

My work in this field  also recognises the role of the DNA energy which is just now being explored by Harvard University in the USA.  What emerges from this research will be substantially different from the way that we approached energy in the past.  The role of “The Divine” is being recognised from a scientific not just a religious point of view.  Will this change the way we do yoga, and massage? Certainly – even the Dalai Lama takes this research and the results that are emerging seriously.  We should too.

Come and experience a massage.  It is not about me, it is about ‘you”.