The work of a COMPASSIONATE COMPANION (or Death Doula) is an “in-between role” to help bridge the gap between the medical system and the community.   I think a lot of people think that when you’re a doula, you’re sitting at the bedside of someone who is dying, It can be that, but it is not always so.  Death comes in many ways – physical, emotional, spiritual.  We can midwife a person to the next place, as they are passing, but it is not always the case that we do.

The role of a COMPASSIONATE COMPANION is much more than that.

A COMPASSIONATE COMPANION Can be a very effective advocate and supports their client by advocating for their autonomy in choices and by encouraging communication with family, caregivers, and professionals working in direct care of the patient.

If you would like to be a professional COMPASSIONATE COMPANION (Death Doula), please email me, and we can talk you through the alternative for the path you have chosen.