At my heart I am an activist. Last year, the sales of my art allowed me to donate more than $30,000 of my time and services free of charge to the community through our Foundation. My accountant said he hoped I wasn’t going to keep doing this – but I probably am (and I will probably give away more). It makes me amazingly happy.

I love to teach more than anything I do… and I have recognised that this is my mission – to sustain myself through sales of my art so that I am able to teach yoga to the people in recovery (from addictions, trauma – the vulnerable), without having to think about money. To be able to teach free of charge. And I have succeeded in my own small way.. Could you give away $30,000 in times and/or services this year or next year, and still live at the level you are living today? I have. I didn’t have to sell my house to do this, I sold my art. That’s FREEDOM, well, it’s freedom for me..

If you would like to know HOW I do what I do, please sign up today for my course called MAKE ART MAKE YOGA MAKE MONEY.  I will teach you a simple step by step process to making art, making yoga and MAKING MONEY.  As I have said before.  It is not rocket science. 

In order to graduate, in the 3 months after you have completed this course (or before) you need to have sold art or service equal to the cost of this course.  I think you could do it in the first week – but I am giving you plenty of time…..


 Go to  for all the details of both courses, plus art workshops..


WORKSHOPS AND CLASSES in the methods of The Old masters.  If you admire the luminous work of The Old masters, you can come to our classes and learn the how-to.  It is not “fast art”.  These techniques require a certain amount of dedication.  I can show you how to do a modern version of most of the ancient recipes, but if you are looking for this, why wouldn’t you just go to the art shop and get something in a tube?  These classes show you how to do the “real thing”.