Although I have been engaged in ART AND YOGA for most of my life, and although for me they go together, one cannot exist without the other, I have not considered teaching them in tandem.

For me, art gives yoga context and visa versa.  Art is the home of my spiritual self.  When I stand in front of the canvas I am not TRYING to depict something.  I prepare the ground, and then wait for something to come, something to emerge.  In the end I usually stand back and think “now, where did that come from – it is beautiful”.  Always good to end with a ‘thank you”.   Yoga is as incomplete without art, as art is without yoga.  A wonderful example of YIN AND YANG at work in the everyday.

In our new classes (and a new emerging on line course), you can be both the artist and the yogi.  Meditate and draw, do the poses and open to the universe.

Don’t worry if you feel clumsy, incomplete, there is no such thing…..  Just tune in to the beginners mind.  Your art is the bridge.

Classes:   A series of 5 classes at 2 time slots,  starting on the 17th August at the Studio, from 6.30 to 8pm or 12.30 to 2pm.  Cost $175 for the series of 5 (cannot switch between classes day to day).

I would also be interested in doing an all day workshop at my studio or yours.

Please register your interest for the classes, the course or the workshop at

By the way – you can see my art, an ongoing exhibition and all on sale at RED RESTAURANT, Wine Bar and Bistro, 84 High Street, next to the Commonwealth Bank in Woodend.